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  1. [quote='Groping' pid='4773' dateline='1436862390'] [quote='ladadoos' pid='4767' dateline='1436862000'] [quote='WatcherOfSky' pid='4712' dateline='1436839362'] I'm pretty sure it will stay at the cost of 450 BFP. [/quote] Weren't the boosters 250 BFP ? [/quote] yup 250, not 450 :D [/quote] It started with a 1bfp pack and a 250bfp pack then after a update the packs costed 450bfp and you got lost sould - twillight - amii packs and then you got pure nature - fire - shadow - ice packs for 1299bfp if im right ( i was addicted to it )
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