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  1. 12 hours ago, Ladadoos said:

    I do indeed notice weird behavior or your account and a couple others. Could you tell me a little more about what you have and/or have not received? Think of daily BFP, quests, booster discount etc. Or any other weird behavior. Is this the first time you login after new years?

    I'm one of the victims, last time i logged in was before patch, and then didn't play for 2 days ( i might have logged in for a quick trade with my brother, but maybe that was before patch too ). When i logged in yesterday to play, i just had my daily bfp boost at 0/550, and daily booster discount was already used it said ( even tho i didn't login on that day nor have i played for 2 days ). My quests been piling up, had 6 when i logged in, one maybe two quest was from before patch, and one of them had progress already.

    So haven't done anything special really.

    Today logged in, and still the same, no daily bfp boost, no daily discounted booster already used, still getting quests.


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  2. On 2016. 09. 24. at 1:14 PM, shadowxxs77 said:

    Non that much of a house/dubstep fan, I can see how would like this tho 6,5/10


    Eyy bozz :D

    Papa Franku really good, was listening to his songs just recently :)



  3. On 2016. 03. 26. at 4:14 PM, Darian DelFord said:

    And this is why PC gaming has gone into the toilet due to the F2P micro transactions and P2W money.  I never liked the F2P model when it started and when some of the more established monthly subscriptions switched to that model the games went to crap.

    One of the few times companies should revert back to the way it was.

    Once buy is fine for me. But paying every month to be able to play, no thanks.. It makes me  feel like im forced.

  4. 3 hours ago, Ilsyde said:

    Wow, what a pathetic excuse for an arrow... We should consider ourselves truly blessed for not seeing any of your drawings and artwork :jorne:


    Any chance of including a small notification / counter of the number of unread updates (or just an exclamation mark) if there are any news? Clicking on DevPlatform would then mark these as 'read'.
    Or at least the date of your last update?


    Great idea! So i won't have to click that page every hour :kappaross:


    The next closed beta phase will begin when they are finished/closed to finish with pve and make an announcement( in announcement section)for people to "apply" on the website by clicking a button,"yes I want to participate in beta" Then they will choose randomly from those who apply. 


    Oh, where did they say this? Was about to suggest this when first saw the latest stream.. Thought they will randomly choose from registered members. Which would be bad.

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