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  1. What is this? A thread where I'll be posting cards I randomly come up with and fully theorycraft when I'm bored. Everyone is welcome to contribute. With some luck, once the game is fully working devs might start to look at new cards suggestions. List: Format:
  2. Kallion

    nerf amii monument

    No, i am not new and i don't see why being one has anything to do with knowing how phenomic was balancing cards. You probably are new if you didn't know that they did not tackle all the cards at the same time but went by time of release, starting with the oldest ones first. Sure all of them received changes but that is only daily balance for obvious things with thoughts like "mmm nope, this one is too expensive/cheap/powerful/weak", but big ones went from oldest to newest. Heck if i remember my game updating every time due to that during the last year it was running.
  3. Kallion

    nerf amii monument

    Iirc, phenomic was "balancing" things in order from older to newer, so the game must have shut down before many cards got a revision?
  4. Kallion

    nerf amii monument

    Honestly, there is a bunch of other things more important than making amii cost a little more just so people finish maps a couple of minutes slower. Speedrunning isnt how the game it is intended to be played anyway, it is just a "challenge yourself to do it uber fast" and maximize the amount of runs you can make in one hour to farm gold (or heck, maybe just for the sake of doing it). So even if it "breaks" the game, it doesn't really matter and even if it was changed, people would find another way to exploit something else. This is no urgent matter and delaying other things just for this so that another one with the same title but a different card can pop up is unproductive. Let the devs finish making the game work first.
  5. Kallion

    nerf amii monument

    Alright, i'll use your format then PvE in battleforge is planned from a: RPG point of view, in which you simply follow the story of the game, not needing anything fantastic and you just have to go through the events having fun as they unveil. Optimized point of view, in which you can go for higher difficulties for the sake of challenging yourself and further improve your cards. Meaning that while you are trying to get the best possible numbers you may encounter ways to do unrealistic things, like ridiculous amount of damage, skip mechanics, events and finish maps in time record. This point of view disregards anything resembling balance as people will just find and exploit any little opportunity they find to do it, this is one of the ways the game can be played and it is not wrong. There will always be something to exploit, that is until the dev team focus most of their brain capacity into properly balancing the game (which is something Phenomic was trying to do), but it needs to work and needs to be complete before even considering that. Yes and no, i never said he was inexperienced, but I implied that he did not bear in mind the bigger picture. Anyone can focus on the smaller details, but it is how things fit in the big picture that those changes will make an effect on many other things. You change one piece, the whole thing changes, meaning more balance requests and more nerf this and that. Leaving things how they are until the game is complete, stable and working as it should will be better than doing this kind of things now. See my first point about disregarding mechanics. Don't be overly sensible and stay on the topic. I'm not here for your emotions.
  6. Kallion

    nerf amii monument

    For one, i didnt use any condescending adjective. Secondly, learning the game is not restricted to the basics but also the advanced things, which is what im talking about here. This stuff has been tested and modified way back in the day by people getting paid for it with a way larger community and much more feedback so they are how they are for a reason. You can speedrun anything you want, doesn't change the fact that the amii monument doesnt need a nerf, it is not powerful nor overpowered, it is just another little piece that takes place in a bigger strategy. It is the strategy that is powerful but it is not flawless and you can beat it, you just have to figure out how, that's for pvp. As for pve, one card slot wasted on that might just be as powerful as it can be useless, some people can use it for something they find better, some don't and that goes different on each person, still don't see any need to nerf it. It is a choice to make, not something that has to be tailored for people, nor made redundant compared to things already existing, differences are there to make things different and that means for either the better or worse. If you don't care about someone's opinion then you are welcome to ignore it. But it is offensive if you go out of your way and deviate from the main topic just to aggress me, while none of your comments were productive. Don't be condescending with people who can also make a solid argument against another solid argument, just accept it or not and leave it there. It is part of an argument to have a party saying yes and another saying no, no need to harass someone who doesnt agree with you. Lastly, I don't need to convince you and change your mind, the comments will remain here and ultimately the current developers will take the decision of making or not the changes, of which we might not see any in quite some time as they are already busy with more important things like fixing bugs, making the game playable and trying to implement changes so that the game can work in the current situation, and they are not even getting paid for it. So no need to get all heated up either.
  7. Kallion

    nerf amii monument

    Yes, i am. Because it is literally the need to learn to play the game even further when frustrated people start blaming the game because they cant deal with it. It's not enough with just having big units or big nukes, some strategies demand actual effort to be figured out and thought of, that is what learning to play the game is. Apologies if it looks condescending, but it is offensive to the people who put an effort, learn the tricks of the game and figure out ways to deal with challenges when someone who can't do that comes and asks for the game to be softened up just so they can. Learn to play is not an insult, being lazy and stomping on other's effort is.
  8. Kallion

    nerf amii monument

    Blame the game not the player? I literally said the opposite. Why would you blame the game? It is easy to put the blame on anything that's not yourself. Also, this is not an opinion, it is a fact that you want to change the game because you cant beat it. Try thinking of an strategy to counter it and you will see it isn't a big deal and you were whinning for nothing.
  9. Kallion

    nerf amii monument

    If it is offensive to you, then bad for you, it is a game no need to feel offended. But this is what happens when you start blaming the tool and not the user. I am being friendly by telling you to not think of modifying the game to suit your needs and instead, figure out ways to beat it with the options the game itself offers you, and there are plenty of them.
  10. Kallion

    nerf amii monument

    To the forums, yes, to the game, not so new, and to tcgs, certainly not. This is not unique to this game, it also happens in many others; overly-powerful advantages (not counting stacking, glitching or bugs) exist for sure, but they all have a weakness or disadvantage that can be exploited by some strategy. In this case, making an extra orb with less power; it is not impossible to beat, but if people lose because they can't think of a way to do it, they get frustrated and ultimately start blaming the cards themselves. Say, if you shoot a gun and you miss, are you going to blame the gun? Guns shouldn't exist because you miss your shots with them? No, you learn to shoot properly, and a good starting point is to not shoot with your feet.
  11. Kallion

    nerf amii monument

    Amii monument works for 5 orb strategies and/or people who really put an effort on optimizing times. For everyone else it is a deadweight/useless card, no reason to do anything to it. You beat strategies with another strategy, not crying about nerfing or deleting a card. Learn to play before starting a post like this, there's a thousand ways to do things properly, and this one is not.
  12. NAME: Treespirits don't benefit from Sylvan Gate SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Forge. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: When rooted, linked fire units acquire the benefits from nearby Root Nexus and Sylvan Gates. In the Treespirits case, it works with the Root Nexus but not with the Sylvan Gate. SCREENSHOT: Bug ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Due to time issues I haven't been able to reproduce it in a PVE map as it is one last thing i noticed before logging off today, but I'm quite sure it also happens there.
  13. Kallion

    3 - Treespirits don't benefit from Sylvan Gate

    Root Nexus always supports units linked to them due to the link range being the AoE of their buff so anything linked to at least one nexus will always benefit from that nexus' buff at all times, it is passive. 4 Statues shown, it is also shown on every other rooted treekin except Treespirit, and it still receives it when being healed. The damage boost "without the buff icon" doesn't happen either, i've just tested it.
  14. Kallion

    Battleforge Lore

    Heeeey~ I was talking to my gf yesterday telling her about this awesome game certain company closed while i was making her listen the amazing OST (which she loved)... Tried to tell her the story of the game... but I couldnt remember the "intro", the "how it all begun". Elements, giants, the forge... all that is fine, i remember 90% of all of it. Theo nly missing part i have is the Slayer and Slayed One i think they were named. Anyone here remember that part? Light and Darkness fighting for all eternity and Darkness won, was it? The drops of blood of the slayed one became stars?
  15. Kallion

    Battleforge Lore

    I do remember all the story, maybe not some specific dialogues but yeah i do remember the whole thing except this one part that was short and dont even remember where i saw it. Its not that hard to remember it if you only played to run maps with people for the sake of listening the narrator telling what the map was about.
  16. Kallion

    Battleforge Lore

    Already checked it, doesnt say anything about that single part.
  17. Kallion

    Chronological Order

    I remember i tried to figure out the right order of the missions for the storyline to make 100% sense... but i remember i failed since i had to switch from one "chain" to another and since that also depended on the availability of players for the big maps... well you get the idea. So, Does anyone know or figure out the chronological order of the missions?
  18. Kallion

    Skylords Reborn (Coming Soon)

    I remember there was a guy from... thailand i think? Was one of the firsts of my actual friends i made through online games, sadly stopped talking when i moved to another province and he was promoted. He helped me understand the game, get through maps that were really hard for me and even got me cards and taught me how the market worked, then i became rich in bfp :D I tried to do the same with other people but after the third i gave up since they only wanted free bfp or cards just to quit the game or do nothing...
  19. Kallion

    Why did you choose your forum avatar?

    I'm a fan of druids, treants and diverse forestkin creatures in many rpgs mainly because of their control over plants, and i love how they have such protagonism in the universe of BattleForge.

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