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  1. mezen

    Future of Skylords Reborn

    Hi, at the moment there is the open stress test, how long will it be open? Until all bugs are fixed? Or all performance bugs? Or goes it into a open beta with out downtime? Will there be a wipe? Will testers are rewared for their nerves? Greetings mezen
  2. mezen

    User or Password invalid

    I do entering the same email and password as here in the forum //EDIT: Ok, after changing my password again, I was able to login. That lead to 2 possibilities: You have to type your password and cant use ctrl + v or a password manager or you have problems with non ASCII chars in the password.
  3. mezen

    User or Password invalid

    Hi, everytime I type my email and passwort to login, I get the response "user or password is invalid" (in german because I changed the language with the launcher). Mfg mezen

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