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  1. BiiBee

    3 - Card bugs (collection of bugs)

    After spawning the amii phantom, the cards does nightguard sounds.
  2. BiiBee

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello Bf Team, I am Tiago, 21 years old from Portugal . I've been following your project since June 2015, and im really hyped to see that it is almost out. However i would love to help you in any form to make the game be bug free so that we all can enjoy it like we used to back in the day. Used to play like 10 hours a day mostly Pve and rPve cause i sucked at PVP ( really bad ). Time wise i will have around like 3 to 4 hours a day on weeks and the whole day on weekends to help you guys test it. I never tested a game before but i would love to try it and help you. Best Regards Discord : Lion #3976

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