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    Hello guys, my name ist Antonia, I'm 18 years old and I come from Germany. At the moment I'm finishing my last year of school (Main focus: business computer science) and I'm looking forward to studying. In my childhood I started playing games because of my brother and my favorites were Ratchet and Clank, Conquer, Jak and Daxter, Need for Speed and Assassin's Creed. Today I'm mostly playing CS:GO, League of Legends and games which are similar to Life is Strange. I never played Battleforge but knew about it for a while and followed it. JamieDavid1 also recommended this game to me a few months ago and we are looking forward to no-life it. On an average day I am able to play 6-10h and I hope I can spend most of the time in this game. If I find any bugs I am going to tell them JamieDavid1 because he is logging them. I have experience in programming I have a high learning ability which will help me to make fast progress in the gameplay itself and in finding bugs I'm very motivated in playing your game I would really appreciate if I could be one of the testers My Discord is: nono#3317 Kind regards Antonia/nonoo

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