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  1. HexanXHD

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello. I'd like to test this game because of few reasons: 1. I'd love to see what you guys did with this game and find it's glitches so it wouldn't bother people when the game is released. 2. I want to find it's bugs fast so they could be fixed and the game could be released faster. How active I'd be? I would be active every 2 days, summer is close so I'd be active and testing the game in the summer every day. What is my experience in testing? I did test few games, not much, I played Battle Forge in the past for a bit, I don't know much about it, I could learn how the cards work and etc., I can find glitches and someother stuff if I can test, I always find glitches, even without being a tester. My Discord: CtWolffe/DecadenseGaming#2929

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