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    Closed Beta Applications

    Hey Guys, first things first: before i try to light myself in the best possible way i want to say a huge thank you for giving me back a hope to play this awesome game again. It was super sad for me, when they shut the game down, not for the money i invested but for the game itself. I played all the pve-stuff, tried multiple hours to get through dwarven riddle and such, and i reget nothing. (I am super hyped, since i use the booster and saw that promo-cards could be available ~) My name is Andreas, an old guy of 29 years with a job as a teacher under his belt. I would play as much as possible under the weak, which would be around 2-3 hours daily, and on weekends like max. 5 hours. The biggest contra would be, that i am like 100% on the pve-maps. (Since i love to upgrade my cards) So my deck would change permamentally and more or less each card is considered to be taken. The experience i have about bug finding and stuff is mostly from rpg-maker (holy, that eats time to fix...) and league of legends (always fun to find stuff there). I sincerly hope, you will at least consider me. If you have any questions, just ask Have a nice day ~ Andreas , Th3Buddha#7284

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