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  1. SoldiersPL

    3 - Phantom Cards

    @Kubik i did try to reproduce it several times but nothing happened, so i think it got fixed, Either that or its random thing.
  2. SoldiersPL

    3 - Phantom Cards

    NAME: Phantom Cards SEVERITY: 3, its only visual thing, player does not actually receive any cards LOCATION: Collection and Card upgrade screen REPRODUCIBILITY: None DESCRIPTION: It looks like player received free copies of cards, he cant do anything with them, it only works on cards that player already possess, and it appears like every time he tries to use them, he receives another phantom copy of that card. In my case, almost half of my deck was like that, only way to fix it was to restart the game. Take in mind that getting another copy of card normally, will still allow player to upgrade that card, making this bug purely visual. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I did try to reproduce it several times, but i think that this bug is determined on launch of the game

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