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  1. Hello everyone is what the developers work on the increase of capacity of the serveusr 
    because impossible to play since that was launched my big son managed to play dice the opening 
    but I impossible to connect at all hours my account is connected but impossible to start the game: 
    you'r server lost the connection (I'm in fiber)
  2. 34 minutes ago, Haru said:

    It's stated in the first post on this topic. You need to have both .zip Files extracted into one directory.

    1. Client

    2. Updater

    It's supposed to look like this, if you've done it correctly. 


    tu es français ?

    2 minutes ago, kitcho1993 said:

    Hi there :)


    I am trying to log on - it currently says  "Your client has lost the connection to the server"

    I know the game is busy as the servers are probably overloaded but is that what it means? or is there a problem with my game?

    Thanks in advance for your help :) hope you guys have  a great day

    Same at home and it's the servers that are overloaded my son managed to play before last night at the opening
  3. 4 minutes ago, dhaktar said:

    did you extract all the files in the battleforge location ? inside the battleforge map the the location with the actual map but inside the map 

    yes it's good in fact (mo nanti virus it was reactivated and he had quarantined the files) now he starts but I fear that the servers are complete thank you for your answers

    4 minutes ago, Bluestar said:

    Probably because theres a bunch of people doing the same thing. But like they said in the post i linked, they are working on it and theres nothing we can do to help. Just let em work their magic. 

    yes you're right let's wait a little

  4. 1 minute ago, xsissel said:

    Don't know if this has been said yet but is very value able for all people: Add the project map to exceptions in your Anti-Virus! And remove the launcher from Quarantine if it has been placed there or this will happen to you indefinitely.

    My anti virus is completely disabled

  5. On 28/04/2018 at 10:55 AM, Ultrakool said:


    Hi, the official language in the forums is English so please keep your posts in English or provide a translation as per forum rules. An example translation has been provided for you just this once.

    ok men sorry it's ok for me good days !!!!!!


  6. 2 hours ago, Strype said:

    Tadaaaa, un membre Francais.

    Et oui ce jeu a eu une ampleur nationale et moi aussi j'ai encore l'impatience de jouer à ce jeux, mais que ça ne sois pas aux prix de votre exploitation, vous avez raison, prenez votre temps, ne vous précipité pas, cela causera que plus de problème, même si on doit attendre plus longtemps, au moins nous jouerons à un jeux stable et agréable a jouer.

    En attendant j'avais une petite idée pour amplifier l'ampleur de ce jeu...voir avec Steam.

    Énormément de gens utilisent Steam et Steam à les moyens de montrer que Battleforge reviens sous un autre nom, beaucoup de gens seront informé, et le jeux aura encore plus de succès, et sur la plateforme Steam, ce jeux sera plus facilement d'accès pour chacun, donc à réflechir sur ce sujet là.

    Cool un autre Français je suis le reborn depuis le début et j’attends avec impatience l'arrivé tant attendu !!!!!!

    Translation by Ultra: Cool another French I am the reborn from the beginning and I look forward to the long awaited arrival !!!!!!

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