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  1. Everything seems to be working after I switched quest pools. I'm back onto the PVE pool today and getting the right amount of quests.
  2. UPDATE: Yesterday I switched my quest pool from 'PVE' to 'PVE & PVP'. Today I have my first quests in like 4-5 days. I got 6 all in one go. I don't play PVP so will be switching back to the PVE pool today, hopefully it will still update with new quests.
  3. Daily Boost, Reserve, Exp, and booster discount all work fine. Just no Daily Quests. I probably played on 30th Dec, then skipped a couple days, and played again on the 2nd Jan. I've played every day since without Quests. If it makes a difference, I do play on two different computers. One laptop and a PC.
  4. I'm also having this problem. I've not had any new daily quests in 3 days. Some kind of compensation for those affected would really help as it's disheartening seeing everyone else advance quicker than us.
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