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  1. Xientie liked a post in a topic by MrAmumu in Boring for beginners   
    I couldn't agree more with @RadicalX . Kubik's points about playing with tutorial decks/shit cards in PvP just doesn't make any sense. If I was at my prime, I'd be able to crush anyone with my main 120 deck vs a tutorial deck 99.9% of the time. 

    This current version of BF is mostly suited for PvE oriented players, and it is terrible for PvP players. Many of my old BF friends aren't returning to what is essentially a PvE game that will have a hard reset soon...

    Radical's idea to give players rewards from playing ranked games is fantastic. 
  2. Xientie liked a post in a topic by MrAmumu in Boring for beginners   
    That's probably because everyone is logically forced to grind PvE for a very long time to reach lv120 decks before playing PvP
    I used to play BF back in the day, and knew a lot of old players. There was a lot of high elo players that only played ranked. 
  3. Xientie liked a post in a topic by MrAmumu in Boring for beginners   
    I used to play BF a lot when it was released by EA, and I got very excited when I learned about a project to bring this game back. However, after reading about the game's system & structure, I've decided to not even bother downloading the new client because I knew I'd eventually feel the same way as OP. 

    Like in many other PvP games, players hate it when they lose 1v1 matches because of a lack of upgrades, resources, etc, related to prior PvE grinding and/or ingame purchases. Regardless of skill, we can all agree that PvP matches where 1 player has a fully stacked lv120 deck vs another who doesn't aren't fun to participate in, nor are they fun to watch. Moreover, they wouldn't be equal games so the 2 players wouldn't be able to adequately train their PvP skills, making the PvP experience not very fun, and somewhat useless. Thus, there's very little point for a beginner to even think about playing PvP within the first 2 weeks to 1 month until they can get an equal and fair playing field against their opponents (i.e. lv120 deck with specific cards). 

    The devs can make the argument that they've implemented a matchmaking system in PvP where low elo players with weaker decks would get matched against people of their elo, but the reality is that BF simply does not have the player base to support such a system, and you'll constantly see players with fully upgraded decks get matched against those who have weaker decks, and regardless of skill, should the player with the weaker deck lose, he/she will almost always blame the loss because of their lack of upgrades and card quality. I know I would too. And besides, why would I want to practice my PvP skills with shit decks against people with stacked decks? I'll for sure never be able to train and learn properly under these conditions. 

    The devs falsely believe that the only grinding in this game comes from the PvE and market/card trading, and that without it, players would feel bored and lack an objective on BF. However, in my opinion, most of the grinding should come from playing multiple PvP games with different deck and card combinations, ranking up in the ladder, and learning new mechanics everyday, instead of doing the mindless, boring and repetitive process of PvE farming with cards that people don't even enjoy using before they can actually start training in PvP. I am sure this is the experience that most of the BF community wants. Why do you think games like Fornite, Apex Legends, League of Legends, etc, have such massive success? One of those reasons is that, when people come home from work or school for instance, they want to enjoy the video game and get immediate and short PvP action. Play a few PvP games a day then move on with their lives. And for the more hardcore gamers, they'd be able to play countless of PvP games, increase their skill, and rank up the ladder. That's the grinding that the devs should aim for. 

    The PvE experience on BF is certainly not its area of promotion. There are plenty of better PvE games out there that are significantly more rewarding to the players, have better storylines and are more enjoyable overall. 

    In conclusion, what I suggest is to unlock all upgrades and cards only for PvP, and still have PvE maps available. This way, the players that want to play PvE will be able to, and the players that want to just do PvP would also be able to without forcing them to play PvE. Many other known pros/veterans have suggested this idea months ago and the devs have denied it. I realize my post is just repeating a long discussion from before. But, clearly, your player base right now is very low, and the beginners who are looking to try out this game are getting uninterested. Why not try out the idea I've suggested for like 1 month, get some statistics, and then see which system (yours vs the one I'm suggesting now) is better.
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