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    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello Skylords Reborn team, I am thrilled that you are working on reviving Battleforge and i have been ever since i heard a good while ago that the project has been started. I even had the BF boxes still in my shelf from back when the game was still up and running. Suffice to say I was even more thrilled to hear that Skylords reborn has reached Beta status. I have been looking for a game that is remotely similar to BF for a good while now and as you very well know, there is no such thing. I have been stalking your discord group for a while now looking forward to the open beta. My experience with BF I played BF for the better part of about 2 years a little bit of PVP and a very extensive amount of PVE. During that time I played mostly 1 and 2 player games. During that time BF could have easily counted as my favorite game. If I had to guess i spent around 1000h playing BF. About me I am a 30 year old engineer from germany, working full time. I love video games and I usually spend most of my evening playing. I am a very structured and perceptive person so I believe, that apart from having tons of fun with playing BF again, I would be a be able to provide a good contribution towards testing Skylords Reborn. My discord name is: omega2004#9941 Either way I am looking forward to playing Skylords Reborn See you in the Forge!
  2. omega2004

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Sweet. Lets do this!

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