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  1. I get the same issue, Launcher.exe crashes every time I press login, and if I wait on that screen long enough it says error code -1, didn't have this problem at all before the last fix/restart.
  2. Name - Grim Bahir causing flat out crash when it kills something over the "ocean"/water/impassable no-land area on Ocean map. Severity - 2, It crashes every single time it happens, but can be worked around by simply either not using Grim Bahir... or making sure it doesn't kill anything out on the "ocean" Location - Well uh, already explained in Name but it happens whenever Grim Bahir scores a kill on the Ocean map when it's kill is over the ocean/water/impassable areas of the map. Reproducibility - Happens every single time you try to do the above. Description - Well, as far as I can tell it happens when Grim Bahir's ability to spawn lil bugs on kill triggers on a kill, and the bugs themselves can't find a nice lil spot to spawn in the great no-land-allowed ocean so it just says "screw you game' and crashes. Sadly I don't have a screenshot.. or video of this issue... This is one I encountered a long time ago and shrugged it off as a "Devs already know about this" issue and have long since sold my Grim Bahir I had. But a discord member had the same issue today so, here's the bug report.
  3. Severity - 3 Location - In lobby after match, during bugged group. Reproducibility - I have no idea how to even bug a group in a way to reproduce it... Description - After doing an rPvE difficulty 6 group, the leader d/ced or crashed or froze while trying to start up a new one... during that time I was attempting to buy the U3 upgrade for Rioter's Retreat, but every time i clicked the check box and clicked claim it would uncheck, not be claimed, and no gold would be spent... after giving up and leaving the bugged group, I found that I had the U3 upgrade in inventory.. and yet my gold was still all there. Screenshot - https://i.imgur.com/sW39BV6.png The above screenshot shows the aftermath of the bug, I still have my 2518 gold, but I have the U3 upgrade. Additional Info - In game name is Dune, if you need to check the account or something for more info. Oh as an added note - when trying to apply the U3 upgrade, it says "Upgrade Combine Failed" I'll edit this post with further info. OK After re logging... the 2500 gold from buying the upgrade is gone... and the upgrade is in inventory.
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