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  1. basically up until a few days ago i have never had a single issue with the game it wasn't until i was stuck loading a match for 10min then decided to just end the process that the issues in the title started occurring i have deleted the gamefiles and lanucher and redownloaded clean version and i still am having the same issues its not consistent either sometimes (not very often) i am able to log in just fine and can do game without issue but these issues have been a nightmare to deal with Edit 1. I have frozen on load on multiple maps the loading bar just reaches the end and then there is
  2. yeah i just completed another quest and it updated yay
  3. NAME: Achievement progress stuck SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Achievements page under quests REPRODUCIBILITY: Impossible DESCRIPTION: My progress for achievements has been stuck at 3/5 even though i have played at least double the required amount of quests SCREENSHOT: Included in thread ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: might fix itself when quests reset which is in about 13 minutes will update post
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