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  1. Hi, I`ve been testing out Multiplayer maps the whole day and there are some matchmaking issues. The first thing i noticed is crashing afther trying to join a game. Wenn i join a lobby, mostly it does not get you in a game, but as the writers before me said, you are in a ghost lobby. From now it is not possible to join another lobby or start a single player game. The only thing what can be done, is reloging. It takes alot of patients, to get in a game with 2 or more players. (about 20 trys per game). The game also crashes when creating a lobby and trying to back out of it. When trying to leave a created Multi Player lobby and starting a single player map, the game crashes. Happens in Campaign, rPvE and PvP. Auction House, Bossters, Quests and Rewards work fine. Sometimes it does not show quests as finished but you will get rewarded. Relogging resolves the issue. Playing games for the PvP Quest do not always count. I had to do 5/4. Maybe it was because i surrendered the game quickly after loosing my amazon In game i did not expierience alot of bugs or inconvenience except of the connection losses. Happens mostly at the End of an Campaign map. Other than that, you guys did a fantastic job bringing the game back to life. Thanks for your efford and dedication to the Project. You made alot of people very happy ;) Greets Anuit
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