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  1. Hello I hope this is the Right place to post my impressions: BF online again ;-) great Job, but the Problem of frezzing makes the game unplayable ;-( every time I want to leave a Group …. freeze last 5 days 19/20 games …. freeze (sometimes 1 min before end of Mission ;-( ) Trading is very difficult, cause either the Card or BFP is not visible for trading partners sometimes you can see open games in the map, but if you join, the owner of the game is not the Group leader an nothing happens --> then you have to leave the Group … see above I hope the
  2. Roschi

    shut down of PC

    thx for all ideas I have reduced the grafic-setting, now the game don't crash the PC anymore best regards
  3. hello to all I have a Problem. Sometimes during I play the game, my PC shuts down.... in Windows Events I found an entry of "unexpected shut down of System".. have anyone an idea how I can fix this Problem? thx
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