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  1. After playing alot today the Freeze didn´t happen again. Which is good. But i don´t know what caused it or caused it to stop. BUT I did deactivate my Antivirus Programm before starting the game today. Maybe that has to do with ? But it was on last week while playing... Well let´s hope it´s stable now Thanks for the quick response to my problem btw
  2. Freezes - Game doesn´t react - Only closeable by TaskManager Happend to me every game after about 10-15 minutes. Also happened in the lobby of a game once. This is after i updated the game today (it said 2 Files/changes were downloaded) Game was working just fine a few days ago (Thursday i think) I attached 4 Log Files _launcher_log_2019.06.10_91.log log.txt log_gd.txt _launcher_log_2019.06.10_90.log
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