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  1. stimixs

    Just found out about skylords

    Yes I have been thinking about, soon.
  2. stimixs

    Just found out about skylords

    Will do fam, will do and thanks!
  3. stimixs

    Just found out about skylords

    I cant tell you guys how much I am happy to become apart of this. My bestfriend and I always played the heck out of battleforge and were seriously depressed when they announced the closing of the game, we played for a good year until it got shutdown and I was just so depressed after we worked so hard to get all of our cards. I was Frost/Nature deck while my friend mainly focused on nature I believe. We flipped cards like shaman and this Fire tower card I forgot the name of it. I eventually got my 3 promo grinders and all my other frost main cards except for the human frost guy but I didnt really need him in my deck. I just spam texted my friend to join the forums to witness the rebirth of our favorite game once more. I think I only spent like 5$ on the game and she just traded, I got her started on some cards and we just snowballed from there on out. Thank you guys so much! I CANT WAIT!

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