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    Heya, I'm Chris from Lithuania and I'm 20 years old, currently studying in university. I'm mostly interested in RTS, TCG and RPG games so Battleforge hits just the right spots for me. I started playing it right at the free launch and stuck around till the end so I have quite a bit of experience in the game. My main focus was PVE and rPVE, with some toe dipping in PVP, thus I'm more than familiar with the game and how it works, what to look for and what is out of place. I have some experience in game testing, however little. Mostly this rises from similar "private server" projects on a variety of WoW servers and an S4 League private server. I have no problems with internet connection if that means anything. I'm fluent in English so communicating would not be an issue. Regarding free time I have my exam session rolling to a celebrated end thus free time would be abundant, which means I can easily drop from 2 to 4 to 6 hours to the game during various times of the day. All evenings however would definitely be free and a guaranteed two hours per day would be played in an attempt to stress the servers and possibly locate some bugs. All in all would be glad to lend a hand, and will definitely test if you'll have me! Discord: Crispy#4259

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