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  1. BTW i remade all cards on the SMJ Website by @Maze and updated the first post https://smj.cards/creator Very nice feature
  2. 7 Cards done 10 to go I opened a Poll in the main Post: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/9494-crappy-card-drawing-collection/ Help me decide PS: Dont panic, pictures are from the test Server
  3. Promo Firedancer joined the ranks of the Funny Card Drawing. And because i was unable to draw burning long hair - she got some burning (hair-) buns on her head (or are this two fire orbs )
  4. Link to Best of Video (as well as some Bloopers) are added to the Winner post. Have fun
  5. haha love all suggestions. I definitely need more weekends for drawing. The plan for the next card is another Promo. But I like the idea of a vote for the card after.
  6. nice overview! Didnt know about the "copies<1" in the AH. This can for a 100% collection so much!
  7. haha thats a funny idea xD But i think we need some more
  8. @Kubik i just realized that the topic switched to "Implemented" Is it already merged in the master branch?
  9. current status: I have: - watched 30 videos withe a play time of ~8h - recorded 2h of ingame footage - cut that down in 30min "best of" I have to do: - bring that 30 min in a nice order (and maybe bring it down in 15 min) - make voice over and add music - Finishing touches My plan is to finish it in the next 2 Weeks, but cant promise
  10. Since some of the discord user asked me directly if I can share my … “unique card drawings”, I though why not make a post in the forum where people can fine all at one place. Also, the newer ones have a speed drawing video on Youtube. (If you want an image of the unit without the card around and in a better resolution, just PM me) Promo Juggernaut Promo Harvester Promo Razorleaf Speed Drawing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rm-gbnl7d2Y Promo Lyrish Knight Speed Drawing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7ePLaWtQiM Promo
  11. Wow, that looks awesome is it a base64 list of card IDs? (+Upgrade) Or what black magic have you used?
  12. Another BOT comes to an end. Thank you all who played in the event and helped in the background to make it happen. Prizes has been send out. If you think I missed you, contact me. Here is the final Ranking: B = Balanced | O = Overbalanced Here are the Replays of all 30 Players: BOT2.zip Here is the link to the Stream: https://youtu.be/a-f5chvf0dQ Here is the Link to the Best of video: https://youtu.be/YvSxwJsyGvk And last but not least - some bloopers xD: https://youtu.be/G-S8UjcjMdw MFG Ultralord
  13. As always: Super update!!! Can't wait to test the new Cards out
  14. Patch 400033 : https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Patches/Patch_400033
  15. Hello People of the sky, It´s time to fight with a perfectly balanced deck, as all things should be Update: Winners, Replays, Stream and more can be found in this post: What does this mean for deckbuilding? Deck Rule 1: Your deck has to consist of: 4x T1 Cards 4x T2 Cards 4x T3 Cards 4x T4 Cards Deck Rule 2: Your deck has to consist of: 5x Units 5x Buildings 5x Spells 1x Wildcard (Can be one additional Unit, Building or Spell) Deck Rule 3: Your deck has to consist of: 4x Fire Cards 4x Frost Cards 4x Nature
  16. Hello again we now have hybrid orbs -> Which is cool! But it looks like the API was not prepared for that (same goes for my program ) When i check for example the "Twilight Slayers", i see 1xFire Orb and 1xNature Orb Thats correct so fare, but the 3 orb is missing. So if you check the API, you could think its a T2 Card. https://hub.backend.skylords.eu/api/auctions/cards?id=1681 I dont have a smart idea how to fix this... (Changing from int to dec and use 1,5 Orbs? or add Hybrid-Orb-Fields?) If you need more details let me know.
  17. THX for the tipp, but I´m pretty sure it´s just the cheap filament I used xD had 10m left and was thinking "for something small it still could work" But will keep it in mind for my next print
  18. Cant wait to SEE the EYE in action
  19. Another model, another Print (but i only had 10m of blue filament left so its very small ) So this time we have the T3 Frost Stronghold For its size of 7cm there a still a lot of details (and stinging) But the cannons have seen better days Happy Printing frost_fortress.stl
  20. Had a typo my result is 5.836.075 But interesting the BF-Book say 175 / 159 / 151 / 71 Promos are 4 / 2 / 8 / 2 Thats how I ended up with 171 / 157 / 151 / 69 SBJ founds 175 / 153 / 148 / 71 (With promos) and 171 / 151 / 140 / 69 (without promos) So the game/book has 6 more Common and 11 Rare (Or SBJ is missing them)
  21. (Feel free to correct my math https://skylords-reborn.fandom.com/wiki/Card_Upgrades) Gold for buying und Upgrading Commons 171 (4 Promos) = 478.800 Uncommon 157 (2 Promos) = 987.525 Rara 151 (8 Promos) = 2.633.400 Ultra Rara 69 (2 Promos) = 2.125.200 5.266.800 ___________________________________________ 5.836.075 9.366.525 Gold I think to get this amount you need also one or two hours (But I think less then 3 Years xD )
  22. So many interesting changes And with new Bata / Decomposer / etc. i look forward for the new Meta in PVE
  23. i did 8 runs and funny story -> the first one was my best one
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