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  1. Meh.. I just lose hope uknow? I really love the game, and love the team also the Community, I fell in love into the PvE of Battleforge.. playing 8player maps with my best friend together and stuff like that, I love the Lost souls Battleship.. The Game is just freaking amazing .. its a pain in the ass waiting so long.. I wish you guys good luck on developing it, and I hope I won't miss the Beta Gl Guys ! Love you all C:
  2. The closed beta lasts way to long, for most of my friends, the game died.. same goes for me soon. You can't even get an Access only if you're lucky.. thats garbage.. I wait for above 4-5 Years, and nothing happend but spoilers and Streams of the game who made the game experience of mine even worse. #dead
  3. a pretty juicy green scrub KappaPride
  4. Why don't you just create an open Invite for discord/skylords ? Isn't that possible?
  5. Thats good to know.. but I just love TS cause of the RAM usage of my PC
  6. The Programm itself is the problem as you can see, if you're on multiplie servers in TS3 there is only the minimal use of the server you are currently In discord your taskmanager shows up any kind of usage by different Paths, which uses WAY more RAM if I would be active on like 20+ TSserver it would only use about 100k RAM not a GB As an example for 3 servers
  7. The Problem about Discord is it has the same function as Skype but also as Teamspeak.. If you join a couple of Discord servers those servers are running 24/7 on your computer while Discord is online, Also your friendlist is getting refreshed every 1,5min's This is taking a pretty decent amount of RAM when you're like me .. I'm active on 21 different Discord servers.. Discord is draining 1,2GB Ram for me.. [8GB RAm here] Usally I can't play games like Ark Survival, Rust, The Forest & other HighRam games
  8. In my opinion teamspeak is way better then skype and discord.. cause a couple of players like me have RAM issues with Discord and skype .. Does "skypebrowserhost.exe" and "discordbrowserhost.exe" remember you on something? RIP :/ Skylord member 4ever ♥♥