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  1. So, a few members of the community today including myself came up with some possible campaign ideas. The story would be set around Viridya and the amii edition that the mods and community is working on. To put as simple as I can we characterized it around a corrupted Viridya such as when she interacted with the soultree and the main antagonist. Her original form is nature but because of the corruption she spreads some of her followers to become shadow or amii forms. Such as a mana wing twisting into a shadow phoenix. Make no mistake this would simply be a story-based transformation nothing to do with the abilities of the cards themselves. Other ideas also came on as some were windweavers but then through the corruption some were darkelf assassins. To have another idea to this super viridya's corruption with power another idea of sending a harvester to collect souls was something that also came to mind. Now to put these ideas into the start of a map would sound a little something like this. Starting the map, no orbs or wells, confronting viridya or her followers imagine say 3 mana wings. Having a few starting units just enough to fall victim to 3 shadow phoenixes but like we see many others use in rpve so it's pretty iconic in my opinion. With a few lines to describe viridya in her vengeful state corrupted by power the mana wings twist to the darkness. Reform as shadow phoenixes and kill the units the map gives you as a hook to a story. (Similar to encounters with twilight but more dramatic) Then rogan appears in your aid against viridya where he either has troops or doesn't. The next step would be a harvester is sent by viridya to gather the souls from the shadow phoenixes. In turn you either have to kill the harvester or set up defenses against the harvester. (Idea like sunbridge) This was what we had come up with because with the new development of amii cards on our jourmey we could also find amii cards blocking our path to either fight against or assist us because they would have both nature purity and shadow corruption. I hope any of these ideas might be helpful or inspire others or developers to implement some of these aspects. Thank you!
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