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  1. MrAnderson liked a post in a topic by Kapo in CCC #1 - Hunt down the stragglers! - UNTIL 26.12.2021   
    I didnt openly post the full list because some of the more casual participants would not be comfortable with it.

    But I can post a total list of entries just of the times (without the tenths, I had to use a tool for that one by one), and since you know your own time you can see how you ranked in the field. I might note that there is an additional Entry of someone getting as close as possible to the lose-condition of 15:00, but the entry of 14:58 isnt in the list - that Skylord also submitted a "real" entry.

    Additionally I'd like to mention that those 9/10-minute entries are Only-Tower-no-Unit  entries.

    So, there you go:
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