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  1. hi skylords, is there a time limit for the passage of the company? Twice "Clashes with the Twilight" took place on the "Expert" and 2 times they did not count anything, they did not give BFP either
  2. I went through the whole company in standard mode, and some of the maps I went through at the advanced or expert level, and I don't want to go through the maps that I went through at the expert level several times. I looked everywhere, nowhere is this information ...
  3. hi skylords, the question is, how do I know which maps I went through on standard difficulty and which ones on advanced?
  4. Thanks for the advice) I was just embarrassed that I was given the usual 450 booster 3 times and it was written the same every time, not for some achievement, but just some kind of gratitude from some heavenly mistress. Systematically every day for 3 consecutive days. And in achievements, I checked most of the tasks and there was no such booster in the awards.
  5. To begin with, I apologize for the crooked translation. But I have a couple of questions 1. How can I give the command to my ally "Attack here" or "Attention" as everyone else does? 2. I sometimes receive regular 450bfp boosters by mail, why do they come to me, for some achievements or because I play the game? 3. Sometimes small boosters come, why they come, I would like to know, and fulfill these requirements. On this, all the questions are over. Thank you in advance, my heavenly masters!
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