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  1. Maybe someone else has any ideas? I can't seem to find the issue. Firewall allows the game, but it just doesn't connect. I was recently informed that the laptop in use, had its windows 10 reinstalled(preserving all files, but not the settings) as it had issues with microsoft store. Maybe that will shed some light on the situation. I copied files from my main computer into my laptop, replaced them and now it works for some reason. This entire thing was a (Insert curse word here).
  2. Bandit card "Artillery" with purple affinity keeps firing projectiles in different directions, without actually moving. Tested in: Forge / Encounters with Twilight / The Treasure Fleet. Tested card lvl: 2 / 3
  3. I see. I guess i'll have to check it all out again. Thanks for the time and effort.
  4. Updated logs. _launcher_trace_2020.02.26_3.log log.txt
  5. Downloaded the file > put it in the game folder > launched it > game started > tried to log in > connect failed.
  6. The IP is identical.
  7. Done. battleforge logs.rar
  8. Okay. Launched SkylordsUpdater > Pressed Play > Opened Task manager > Launcher.exe was in the list.
  9. Battleforge folder in documents is deleted. Upon launch, it created new one. Here are the files you requested. _launcher_log_2020.02.24_0.log log.txt
  10. There you go. _launcher_log_2020.02.23_20.log
  11. Very well. I launch SkylordsRebornUpdater(as administrator) > press Play > enter email + password(correctly from the first try) > press log in >wait for about 5 seconds > "Connect Failed!"
  12. I see. Although it is strange. it worked perfectly a day ago. And there were no windows updates or game updates as far as I can remember. My wi-fi is stable and all files seem to be in order. Are there any other options that could potentially help me resolve this matter?
  13. I always do. I simply experimented around when all other options failed. Additionally, internet connection is not an issue. Tested it on two different wi-fi's.
  14. Before addressing the issue on forums. I checked my firewall. Made sure non-microsoft apps are allowed. Reinstalled the game and updater. Correctly typed in the password. And other given points.
  15. I know this topic is old, but maybe someone can help me from the past. I can't log into the game, because it sends me: "Connect failed" each time i press log in. I checked launcher, it sends "error 5".
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