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  1. Literally only have this issue in skylords for the rest everything goes without a problem . Yes, i have tried downloading the game back again and that didn't help. Didn't try restarting my laptop after a disconnect but i always close my laptop if it isn't used. How would that work? Just deactivate my anti virus and then open skylords, nothing else? I also don't know what you mean precisely with making an exception for skylords.
  2. Oh okay, I understand but i have done that aswell and it doesn't work. I am still searching for a way to solve this issue.
  3. Yes, I have tried protonvpn but that doesn't work. I also tried to re-install the game and that doesn't work either. I haven't tried that yet(playing on fullscreen) but i can't since the resolutions for fullscreen for some reason are too big or too small for my screen. Answering both: I have come across this disconnection multiple times( can even say like 5 or more per day). There must be a reason then because for me it's totally the opposite actually.
  4. Hello fellow skylords So the problem is that i keep disconnecting with it always saying the exact same thing --> "Your client has lost connection to the server". In the beginning i just ignored this since i didn't mind it and it happened barely but with time it just showed up more and more making this an annoying thing to come across not only for me but also the people that i go in-game with. This happens when i'm either in the forge or playing. My connection is stable and i don't have this issue with other things. I really want to solve this since i like the game alot.
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