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  1. i cant start or join any game too. If i click on anything nothing happens and after a while the game crashes with following error. I already reinstalled the game :/
  2. So yesterday I unzipped and installed everything. But than windows (10) gave me the error message that something was missing. After a short check i mentioned that windows will block the UAC.exe as an virus. Changing the rights for the folder and everything didnt help, but opening the zip and pulling the file to a complete diffrent folder helped! So i opened a new folder there and installed the game there. So why am writing right now? Because today i tried to start the launcher, windows made a little funny noise aaaaand DELETED the UAC.exe! Here is my question: How do I prevent windows deleting the file. Without the launcher wont work. EDIT: Just found out that maybe AVIRA is causing these problems. If anyone else has similar problems we maybe can find out^^
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