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  1. NBpanda

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    I fully understand the reasoning behind it and I appreciate that the issue isn't at all pressing, however I was under the impression that the suggestion board was for any suggestion and not just ones we considered important and vital, and I'm a little frustrated that peope keep telling me that it's not an important issue when I never implied that it was. Perhaps this was a miscommunication on my part, because I never meant to imply that I thought this was anything more than a quality-of-life adjustment for the release of the full game. And I also appreciate the stance of the team and the want to create a safe environment for cival discussion on subjects such as this, however almost a full week of silence on such a serious issue isn't something that inspires trust. Regardless of how I responded, 6 days of the transphobic free-for-all is a lot for someone's mental health, especially as the reports started early on. The long silence on the issue was one of the reasons I felt the need to defend myself and while I understand that was still my choice to make, I hope this helps you understand the reasoning behind my actions. I know I should have handled it better, but it's very important to note that regardless of my responses, the transphobia on the thread is completely unacceptable and should never have taken so long to get around to addressing. Regardless of how safe and accepting the team wishes the forum and game to be, I feel completely unsafe and unwelcome due to the passivity of the mods until now (alongside the hostility of the community, however that isn't the point I'm trying to currently make). I don't feel as though the issue was handled as well as it could have been, and I must emphasis that I was reporting the transphobia within the day of the original comments being posted, and it was the lack of response from the team that caused me to not bother with reporting the other comments. It should also be noted that it feels, from my point of view, that the topic still hasn't been properly assessed as there are still transphobic comments on this thread that haven't been taken down despite being just as bad as the ones that were deleted. I don't feel as though I'm being taken seriously, even though mods are saying that it's a serious issue. I can't begin to express how deeply upsetting this experience has been, and how upset I am with how it was handled. I've tried to keep the emotion out of this particular response as best I can, but I don't want the emotional toll it's caused me to be lost because of decision. Thank you for your time.
  2. NBpanda

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    Thank you for responding, and thank you for taking my suggestion seriously. I understand I wasn't exactly chill when it came to some of my responses and I understand why I need to be held accountable, I can only hope the mods understand why I felt the need to respond the way I did. While I appreciate the rules and the enforcement of them, this thread has been riddled with transphobic comments since it was posted almost a week ago. I appreciate that the mods are busy, however I do feel as though the reports of transphobia weren't addressed as quickly as they could have been for such a serious topic, especially as transphobic comments are still being made by new commenters even today. Again, I appreciate everything the mods are doing and I understand why these things take time, but personally I don't think it was particularly fair to have almost a week of unwarrented transphobic comments on my post regardless of if I had responded to them or not.
  3. NBpanda

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    Intersexuality isn't determined by sexual organs, the sex you're assigned at birth is (when the doctor goes "it's a boy/girl!, or they secretly take them away to have medically unnecessary surgeries without parents even giving consent). Intersexuality is determined by how easily you fall into what society has designated "male" and "female". This means that hormones, primary and secondary sex characteristics and any combination thereof can influence whether or not someone is considered intersex. It used to be considered "male and female sex characteristics" for a while when homosexuality was still considered a disease. Ignorance is ok, and I totally understand why most people don't know these things. This isn't something that get taught...anywhere without you having to go out of your way to find it, and even then there's so much misinformation from people who don't know that there is new science on the subject. I also understand why some of my examples aren't exactly "transness" as we understand it in humans, however many of them are as similar as we can get with our current knowledge of gender across species. For example, plants can change gender whenever they want, many mammals just decide to present as the "opposite" gender without any particular reason that humans have figured out. It should also be considered that a lot of the trans experience is wanting to change sex, which is a step completely skipped by animals that can just change whenever they want. The ability to change sex can be considered inherently trans due to this. Also as a side note, "survival of the fittest" wasn't really applicable to human society until recently with the rise in capitalism dominating things like the medical field, artificially inflating prices of medicine and medical care. There are so many documented disabled people in history that have been lovingly cared for by their community. It's a very recent phenomena that (physically) disabled people are seen as lesser due to their inability to work. (Mentally disabled people is a completely different story, but when you think fairies steal children, an autistic child suddenly seems a lot less friendly.) And for the bathroom thing, that's my point. When have men done this? Is this a well known thing that men just barge in pretending to be women to perv on people? Is this such a normal occurrence? It's not, it's such a non-issue, but because a couple of people that did do it got media attention it's something that hinders progress for everyone. As someone who doesn't align with either binary gender, I'm forced to use whatever bathroom I look like I fit in, which is something that every trans person has to do regardless of if they're binary or not. A non-passing trans man won't feel safe in the male bathrooms so goes to the female ones, the same with non-passing trans women. This is where the misunderstanding lies with cis people. Trans people don't have to luxury of betting our lives every time we want to use the bathroom. Any day we do, we risk running into someone who thinks we don't belong there and is willing to get violent over it, either by calling security or trying to "fix the problem" by themself. This isn't a decision that we can take lightly, and it's honestly one of the more painful experiences of being trans in public. No one is likely to refer to us by gender while we're out in public aside from cashiers and waiters, but we have to intentionally misgender ourselves to use a toilet just so we don't risk our safety. The fact is, trans people still don't feel safe enough existing authentically and loudly as trans to do the things people fear cis men will try to do, and we call all see that and we all say it, but cis people don't listen to us because they don't actually care about our voices. Cis people decide everything about our lives, even when we can use the bathroom. The comments were removed because they were transphobic. That's not censorship, please learn the definition of censorship. Secondly, and I don't know how many times I have to say this, the definition of gender is scientific. Science determines what "gender" means. It's all science. If you don't like it, take it up with scientists. Because they're the people that choose what it means. And as I said, do you want a hint as to why must countries don't legally recognise more than two genders? It's something I've already mentioned in a previous comment! Thanks for reading! Thanks for the input, but science doesn't agree with you. If you can't be bothered to do any research before making these sorts of claims, I don't want to argue with you as you clearly don't care enough to get the truth. Have a nice day!
  4. NBpanda

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    Thank you for being open to learning (unlike that other commenter), and for taking the time out to consider both sides critically. To begin with, science has concluded that there are more than two sexes, although I understand why most people don't know about it. Trans voices get silenced and transphobes deny it's legitimacy. There is more to sex than XX and XY, and being intersex is a lot more common than people think because a lot of people don't even know that they are. Being intersex can be as simple as unusually high hormones that have no effect on your life and you would have no way of knowing about unless you were tested for it. No one really knows what their chromosomes are unless they're tested for, and there's no way of telling just by looking at someone. Many people live their life as a cis person while having the "opposite" chromosomes. Secondly, while I understand the statement, what you're describing with the "girl who likes cars" sounds more like gender presentation. This is a more complex issue, as gender identity and gender presentation are two different things. A tomboy is a girl who presents masculine, which is what fits more with your example. From my experience, feeling non-binary has never been from recognising that the things I like don't align with what my birth sex "should" like, it's from experiencing the binary aspects of society and never feeling as though I fit into either of the two acceptable option. I can also assure you that the number of trans and non-binary people isn't "growing", we are simply surviving more than before, and feel safer coming out and living authentically. It's a common misconception that people are more likely to "become trans" these days, when really the amount of trans people is staying the same, we're just able to be more vocal about out existence. Regarding transness in other species, this has also been documented. Fungi have thousands of genders and sexes, bees have genders that only indicate their role within the hive, many types of mammal can change their outward appearance to be that of the "opposite sex", reptiles and fish completely switch sex and gender depending on what those around them need, even trees can switch sexes. This issue with these subjects is that all of this is documented, it's all researched and studies as best as scientists can while working with a lack of funding because they're "not important issues", but the people who would have to face the fact that they're wrong about it don't want to hear it, so pretend like it doesn't exist, so the studies get buried and forgotten and accessibility is lost because no one knows they exist to look for them. Gender neutral bathrooms work just fine, it's cis people that make a fuss about them, like trans women using female bathrooms. People lie, fake evidence, and get one source of a singular trans person doing something wrong and use it to blanket every trans woman as a pervert, when all people want to do it use the toilet. All I want to do is be able to use the toilet while I'm out in town without having to feel disgusted with myself, and a neutral bathroom would do that, but everyone's so scared of cis men and people they perceive to be cis men to even consider that they're blowing everything out of proportion. No one can seem to think critically about the bathroom bans, or who is actually hurt by them, so they're called "unreasonable" and "unattainable" just because people can't stop bickering for 5 minutes to let me use to toilet in peace. If someone doesn't like the idea of neutral bathrooms then they don't have to use them, but because they think their opinion is relevant on a trans issue then actual trans people get silenced in favour of mainly cis women scared of sexism. This is a really long message, but wait, there's more. Regarding the right winger youtube video, you'll find that this is the case with a lot of their logic. Like the commenter above, they have difficulty keeping their story straight because they want to claim the science supports them to seem more credible, but as soon as you point out that actually science doesn't support them, they flip flop around trying to rake together some form of excuse. The above commentor decided to go with "science is subjective" after backtracking from "science is real and supports my side of the argument" to "science is real but there is not decisive conclusion to the studies yet". It just shows how little they know about the subject they so desperately want to discuss and argue about, and their complete lack of ability to both learn anything from their experiences and to admit they could in any way be wrong. Arguing with people who don't believe in more than two genders is honestly like trying to argue with a flat earther. The science is there, and it so obviously contradicts what they say, so they either claim opposing science is false, or that their argument based in science doesn't need a scientific explanation. It's completely ridiculous, and these are the kind of people trying to tell me that I don't deserve to exist as I am and that I'm making it up for attention, all while completely making up all their "evidence" for, basically, attention. It's wild. You Are Denying Science And Claiming Your Opinion Is Based In Science But Also That Science Doesn't Exist How Can You Not See How Confused You Sound. Also Transphobia Isn't A Word That You Get To Decide The Definition Of And If That Offends You Then That Is Your Own Problem. You Are Incorrect About Everything You've Said So Far, Take The L And Leave.
  5. NBpanda

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    Then you are a science denier. Don't claim that your beliefs are based in Biological Facts when you openly admit that biologists prove you wrong. You refuse the science behind it but claim that your beliefs are based in science. Pick a side and stick to it, either your beliefs are scientific fact, or they're your opinion because you disagree with scientific fact. How can you not see the hypocrisy, or where the frustration arises for the people you discuss this with? How can you say the things that you do and claim you're not transphobic? That you're not disrespectful or insulting? Why even try to discuss the subject if you're not open to learning, or even accepting that science proves you wrong? You were the one to say it was biological fact, that was all you, but I'm the problem because I said that your comment was transphobic. Just because you were offended by being called out for your hypocritical nonsense doesn't mean that what you're saying isn't hypocritical nonsense. To summarise: You believe that trans people don't exist, that we're making it up and only pretending, but that calling you transphobic for these beliefs is incorrect. You have a deep misunderstanding of what the word "transphobic" means. You claim that science supports there only being two genders. After being confronted, you claim science is wrong, then that science is divided on the issue, and then that science is subjective. You went from saying that science agrees with you, to that science essentially means nothing because "everything is subjective". You have a deep misunderstanding with how science works. But all of this is my fault because I called your beliefs transphobic and bigoted. You can't even get your own beliefs right, but I'm the one who caused this? You decided to make a rude comment on an innocent post, but I'm the one being disrespectful? Just say you're a transphobe that doesn't care about the science and be done with it, don't try to sugarcoat anything because clearly all you do is confuse yourself when you do. I'll keep believing in the actual science of it, though.
  6. NBpanda

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    I'm sorry that you chose to discourse the subject matter, however you also chose to comment on this post, so you can't really be that tired of it. Also, it's my life that's being discoursed about, I don't have the choice of not getting involved and you've proved that by your unnecessary comments. This was a positive inclusivity post, you brought the discourse. I also would have thought that if you've discussed the subject so much, you would have done the bare minimum research on it. That's the basic etiquette of having a discussion about something, is it not? Having your beliefs based on reputable sources is an important aspect to consider when having a discussion based on science. Because if you'd actually been paying attention, the scientific "proof" that there are two genders are...biased, to say the least. They've also been debunked for a while now. As in, they've been debunked since the start of written history, because "other" genders have existed since societies where formed. Christians colonisers paying scientists for studies proving that Christianity is right and Other Cultures are wrong (because other cultures do include "other" genders, and there were a lot more before Britain decided to murder, enslave, or refused human rights to anyone who didn't fit their binary) is not a reputable study, the same way the study that proved that vaccines cause autism isn't. If all this sounds like rubbish I just made up, it's because you haven't done any research on the subject. It isn't about how the individual describes genders, it's how scientists describe genders. There is a set, defined rule for what a gender is within the scientific community. You are completely incorrect, and scientists will call you incorrect. This isn't an issue with my definition, it's an issue with your rejection of scientific definitions. This is exactly what I mean, I say "this is the science, you can look it up to confirm it" and people like you go "no it isn't because I don't want it to be". I'm sorry, but that's your own problem, not mine or science's. The fact that you can't accept that science doesn't agree with you, and the fact that you can't think critically about why you're adamant on sticking to these beliefs despite that, is your own problem and not that of whoever you discuss this with. There's only so many times people can repeat "this is the science" only to be met with "I don't want it to be therefore it's not" before people give up. Yes, exactly, that's how lying works. You think I'm making up being trans because we have different opinions on how important science is in a scientific discussion, therefore I'm lying because that's how words work.
  7. NBpanda

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    Ah, ok, I was a little confused but I understand now, thank you for clarifying! Except that you're wrong, the science does not agree with you, and your resistance to learn is what causes the conflict. If you had formed your opinion based on current scientific studies with ambiguous results then it would be different, but science does not agree with you at all. It is agreed upon among the scientific community that there are more than 2 genders, more than 2 sexes, ect. and the fact that you won't adjust your beliefs to consider the current scientific consensus is the issue. The blind and wilful ignorance that is the issue. The fact that you claim that your beliefs are based in science when the science doesn't align with your beliefs is the issue. If you have a problem with there being more than 2 genders, that's on you for being a science denier, not on me for defending my right to exist as who I am. And congratulations on saying you'd be willing to defend me against someone saying that trans people are subhuman, but you are saying that I'm lying about my transness so you have to see the conflict with that statement. You wouldn't defend me because you don't think I'm trans, and preformative activism without understanding what it is you're trying to score points for is worthless. Sorry I'm not a Good Trans that will hold your hand throughout your learning process, but I'm not being paid to be your teacher and the information is free on the internet which, if you actually cared about the subject, you'd actually go and read. People with the same beliefs as you and the same resistance to admitting that their opinion isn't based on anything more than bigotry and a fear of change is what wears the community down to the point of not wanting to help confused people out like a Good Trans should out of self-preservation. I can yell and scream to just do the research all I want, but people don't care enough to challenge themselves, they just want to be right. It's tedious and depressing and something I've been trying to do for about 6 years now and only 1% of people actually want to learn so why even bother being kind? It gets thrown back into my face anyway. This post was kind, this post was about being inclusive, and you can read the comments for yourself. You even made one of the negative comments, even if you don't believe it to be. Your comment was disrespectful, it is insulting, and the fact that you can't see why is the issue.
  8. NBpanda

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    I get where you're coming from and I appreciate that, however the passive actions of the dev team speak louder than any announcement on the issue they could make. There is a non-binary gender option for this forum, and they do use neutral language alongside gendered language in their official posts. Unfortunetly, it's people like those above who are just plain transphobic that it offends and, forgive me for being bold, I don't really care if my comfort makes transphobes uncomfortable. It's a life long issue people like me have to deal with and I'm not going to repress myself just so bigots can feel better about their bigotry. Times have changed, and it's time people learned to treat others with basic human decency. The problem I find is that none of the people outraged by this suggestion care about the inclusivity displayed by the game devs, they only care because it's been brought to their attention. No one's kicked up a fuss about the gender options, no one's making a big deal about the use of neutral language in the offical posts, people only care now because I was direct about the subject of transgender people and they had to be reminded that we exist. Sorry for the tangent, I'm a little stressed lol. I hope I explained my point well enough. Although I'm not sure why "sexual option" is a quote because I never said that, I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding that I'll be happy to clarify!
  9. NBpanda

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    Since we're linking our favourite youtubers that talk about the subject, here's my contribution. I think he explains trans science pretty well. He makes really well researched arguements, plus he puts his sources in the description and encourages you to check them out yourself and come to your own conclusion. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dklVypazQsA https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LqYgjGDaMYg
  10. NBpanda

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    I... know that? I'm just a little confused as to why you'd respond to my specific suggestion post with "it'll break the game", or that it's not a top priority, when most suggestions aren't. Every suggestion post contains something that will be difficult in some way to implement, or that isn't as important as a Linux or OSX update. As stated in the original post, it's a quality-of-life change, which typically come after a game's full release. I hope I don't sound passive aggressive, although I'm sure you can understand why I might be a little tense from reading the previous replies. Thanks for the input, but science doesn't agree with you. If you can't be bothered to do any research before making these sorts of claims, I don't want to argue with you as you clearly don't care enough to get the truth. Have a nice day! I didn't include a disclaimer regarding how far I thought the change needed to go was necessary because I thought anyone with basic reading comprehension could tell from context, but thank you for proving me wrong, I'll adjust how I phrase posts regarding this issue in the future. It seems as though you don't have a problem when the game developers themselves use gender neutral language in their offical forum posts, however, so this outburst seems a little silly and hypocritical.
  11. NBpanda

    Suggestion His/Her -> Their

    I wanted to suggest that the use of "his/her" within the game (such as "join his/her group" or "look at his/her deck") should be changed to simply "their". Not only is it clunky and disrupts the sentence flow, it excludes players like myself due to the dysphoria it can induce and can leave us not being comfortable playing the game because of it. It seems counterproductive to allow an "other" gender option and use inclusive language in posts on this forum, but to then continue with outdated gendered language in the game itself. It's just a subtle change that opens the game and community up to another demographic, and is also a quality-of-life change that makes the text easier to read for everyone.

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