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  1. The benefit that enjin will bring for the gaming community is a multiverse gaming experience. Items in case of skylords reborn the cards will tokenized and saved on the enjin Blockchain address from the people where it owns. And the cards can't be deleted. In case of shutting down the servers from Battleforge by ea it had meant, you can't play the game, but the value of your spended money/time and your earned cards are still in your property and you can use it in other games or sell them. And this cards can be used in other games where a part are in the multiverse. Also it ex
  2. Hey, did you ever heard from Enjin ? It's a Blockchain company specializing in gaming experiences and connecting games over the Blockchain with tokenized game items. The vision of the company is a gaming experience like in the film "ready player one" in my opinion skylords reborn is a great game for a partnership. I put you the link inside so you can contact the guys from Enjin, to talk a bit and find out if there is a way for a partnership. https://enjin.io/ Greetings SeeLerche
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