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3 - Transformation ability not usable

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Reproductability: Currently endless times
Describtion: I am not able to use the twilight cards "transformation" ability as long as I'm playing on the "opposing"  side on the forge. (When you play and test with cards and change side) The cards reasoning for not being able to use transformation is "No twilight unit in the current deck. Originally the bug uccoured with "nightshade plant" but is reprodusable with every other one I tried it with, "slaver" and "vileblood"
Screenshot/video: Bugs on my computer prevent me from showing this as a picture or video but since this is easy to try out i believe it not to be espacially necessary.
Additional information: I believe the checking if a twilight unit is in my deck for "Transformation" may be bugged because it checked after it's 60 second cooldown when i already changed to the opposing side again, meaning that when it checked there was no deck deck on this side, thus no twilight cards for transformation.

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