Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies, and other Skythings! Several years ago, I have asked you all for feedback on integrating a new Loot List (Where upgrades drop) in the game in this thread:    Giving the community 4 different options, it's impressive to say that almost 75% of the community wants different loot lists, so I have heeded your words and compiled a new list, based on the following regulations: Due to popular demand, the main priority of the loot is thematic value; Loot will drop as much as possible in maps where you'd expect them to drop, and where it would make sense. This means a ton of lost units drop in Empire, and a lot of bandit units can be found in Blight, for example. Secondly, rare rewards are more likely to be found in more difficult maps (think Behind Enemy Lines, Guns of Lyr, Dwarven Riddle, etc.) Starter Deck card upgrades will drop in earlier maps, so that you don't have to unlock an entire sequence of maps in order to get a few starter cards upgraded. Wherever possible, I have tried to take map popularity into account, but due to lesser votes, this has not been the priority Rarity distributions per map are completely disregarded. The community has voted for thematic value and popularity, so it could very well be that some maps are way more rewarding than others. 12-Player maps will be completely removed from the loot system and reward gold only. Tutorial does not award any upgrades. Aside from the Advanced/Expert-only maps, All upgrades will drop consistently on the same map. Advanced/Expert only maps have their U1 upgrades scattered across other Standard maps, but all other maps will have the same loot no matter the difficulty. The loot list is currently set and is very unlikely to be subject to change anytime soon. If it changes in the future, we will let you know! You can find the current loot list over here: Thank you all for your help in suggesting loot list improvements, and I hope you can all have a new, fresh experience with new upgrades to get in new ways!