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  1. Hey all, I am planning a stream tonight at 8pm EST on my twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/dawsonxdhello I thought I should announce it on the forum so more people are aware about it Also here is a timer if any of you dont know when 8pm EST is in your area https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20171008T20&p0=1185&msg=Dawson's+Stream&font=cursive&csz=1 See you then skylords!
  2. Hello Skylords, Skyladies and Skythings! I have been working a long time on making a new unofficial Faction for BattleForge called Shape Shifters. Shapeshifter History The Shape Shifters where created by ancient dwarves to help them defeat the elves and humans many years ago. Sadly it all back fired and the Shape Shifters killed all the elves, humans and dwarves. They named the Amii faction as their protectors and went into slumber for thousands of years. When the timing was right the Amii where informed to awaken them. Elements Frost and fire. Combining the attack power of Fire with the defensive skills of Frost. Story (WIP) I am currently working on a story-line for this faction. Card Designs All the card ideas, perks and abilities where thought of by myself. Cards where created by @MrXLink (thanks a lot!) Note: All cards are shown as fully upgraded and the images are from google and not owned or created by us. Units Tier/Orb Two Berserker Bear: Perk/Perks: Good against buildings. Special damage: Siege. Passive abilities: Charge. (Faster movement, knocks back small units and deals damage upon impact) Siege. (50% more damage against buildings). Upgrades: U1: Lifepoints +50 U2: Lifepoints +70 U3: Lifepoints +75. Wolf Shifters: Perk/Perks: Swift and agile. Bonus damage: More damage to small units. Passive abilities: Swift. (Faster movement) Stomp. (Tramples small units). Upgrades: U1: Damage +20 U2: Damage +30 U3: Damage +40. Nagual: Perk/Perks: Swift and can transform into a jaguar to do more damage. Passive abilities: Swift. (Faster movement) Small chance (20%) of stunning medium units. Active abilities: Jaguar form lasts for 20 seconds and enables Swift. (Lasts longer as upgraded max is 30 seconds the Nagual does 15% more damage during this ability, when fully upgraded). Upgrades: U1: Jaguar form lasts for 25s U2: Jaguar form lasts for 30s U3: +5% More damage in Jaguar form against enemies. Tier/Orb Three Dragon Knight & Dragon Knight Promo: Perk/Perks: Can fly, agile and rage mode (does more damage over time). Bonus damage: Rage. Passive abilities: Rage. (Lasts 10 seconds see description of Fire Dragon for full details). Autocast: Frostfire Breath (Every 3 seconds, the unit exhales a frost, yet fiery breath that deals 158 damage to units around its target in a 5m cone-shaped area, up to 630 in total). Upgrades: U1: Rage lasts for 12s U2: Rage lasts for 15s U3 Rage lasts for 20s. Tier/Orb Four Wendigo: Perks/Perks: Strong and swift. Passive abilities: Swift. (Faster movement) Knockback on S and M units. Upgrades: U1: Lifepoints +100 U2: Lifepoints +150 U3: Lifepoints +200 Spells Tier/Orb Two Cold Explosion: Releases a powerful explosion infused with shards of ice. Deals 250 damage to each entity within a 15m radius, knocking back small and medium units and freezing up to 5 units (7 when fully upgraded) for 10 seconds. Reusable every 20 seconds. Upgrades: U1: +1 Frozen target U2: +1 Frozen target U3: -10 Power cost. Swiftness: Bestows up to 5 units (6 when fully upgraded) within the target 25m radius with the gift of swiftness: Affected units will move 10% (20% when fully upgraded) faster than usual. Additionally, the construction of buildings within the area is sped up by 10% (20% when fully upgraded) as well. Lasts for 10 seconds. Reusable every 30 seconds. Upgrades: U1: +5% speed boost U2: +1 Target U3: +5% speed boost. Tier/Orb Three Card Shift: Allows you use a random usable card (T3 Max) from your enemies deck. Reusable every 50 seconds. Upgrades: U1: -10 Power cost U2: -10 Power cost U3: -10 Power cost. Reconstruct Building: Allows you to move any building to any location with ground presence. Takes 20 seconds to transport the building. Both new and old sites can still be attacked while moving. Reusable every 40 seconds. Upgrades: U1: -10 Power cost U2: -10 Power cost U3: Building Duration -5s. Tier/Orb Four Vanishing Act: Cloaks every building in a 25m radius, with the exception of monuments and wells, in a mystic fog. These structures cannot be seen or attacked by enemies, and can still attack or use their abilities. Lasts for 10s (20s when fully upgraded). Reusable every 30 seconds. Upgrades: U1: Invisible for 15s U2: Invisible for 20s U3: -10 Power cost. Buildings Tier/Orb Two Shard Tower: Once every 3 seconds, a small geyser spits out shards of frozen magma, dealing 165 damage to enemies around its target, up to 600 in total. Knocks back Small units. Upgrades: U1: Lifepoints +50 U2: Lifepoints +70 U3: Lifepoints +100. Hivemind: Allows player to spawn cards within a 25m radius, at a 20% higher power cost but doesn't consume charges. If used with breeding grounds it takes a charge and costs a higher price. Upgrades: U1: Spawning units penalty -5% U2: Lifepoints +50 U3: Spawning units penalty -5%. Tier/Orb Three Taunting Trap: Taunts enemies in a 10m radius, when the mine reaches half health it can be manually detonated by the player and deals 200% (300% when fully upgraded) of the remaining life as damage in a radius of 10m however, if it is not detonated in time the mine will just blow up dealing no damage. Taunt lasts for 2s. (3s if fully upgraded) Upgrades: U1: +0.5s Taunt duration U2: +0.5s Taunt duration U3: +100% of remaining lifepoints dealt as damage. Tier/Orb Four Starfire Launcher: Meteoric strike launches a frozen ball of fire at enemies within a radius of 25m, knocking back all unit types and at the same time shielding 4 nearby allies (6 allies when fully upgraded) has an exceptionally long range of 200m. Passive ability: Blizzard Aura slows enemies within a 20m radius. Upgrades: U1: +1 Shielded unit U2: +200 attack U3: +1 shielded unit and +300 attack. Hope you like the work both me and @MrXLink have put into these cards, feel free to leave your suggestions below. If you can think of any other cards that may go with this theme feel free to post them below as well. Many thanks, Kiwi & @MrXLink NOTE: Please do not claim to have created these cards or state that these are official cards in the game doing so may lead to you being reprimanded.
  3. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Newest updates are shown on here: http://dev.bfreborn.com <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I know that many of you yearn for progress updates, no matter how minute, because of the hype you feel. I'm gonna try my best in this thread to do just that.Take note that this is by no way official statements, but rather sneak peaks into specific progress, which will not be included in the actual progress page. The actual progress page provides a generalization of the work that lies ahead, but doesn't go into specifics, and especially doesn't include progress on vital parts of the project, eg. Server coding, bug fixing, packet coding. @fiki574, @Lord NullPointer and occasionally @Blank has been nice enough to provide a sort of "dev log" if you will from time to time in the shout box publicly, and I will attempt to, for those of you yearning for more specific progress reports, but can't follow shout box the whole day for various reasons, summarize them in this thread. This thread will be sorted by most recent on top: time format: DD.MM.YYYY 2-1-2016 by @fiki574 12:20 •It is now possible to launch the game by pressing "Launch game" button, instead of previous custom-input command-line 'startGame' •Added ready/unready system that now actually works and doesn't crash the client (NOTE: tested on 1 player maps only) •Got rid of the crash regarding deck builder which occured in yesterday's update -- We're now even closer, only thing left to be solved is "Received a Message from a wrong Match" problem (NOTE: can be seen in the post on picture above this post). After that is solved, I think we'll be able to finally enter the map! 1-1-2016 by @fiki574 22:50 Update 1st of January 2016. 22:50: -Added custom notification system which informs you when your friend comes/goes online/offline -Fixed client crash which occured after map loading -Fixed client crash which occured after force-closure of server during the map loading- -Removed a packet that caused certain exceptions/problems in server -Updates to numerous packet structures map progress is going pretty well. Do note following things: 1) We're currently using custom-input command-line "startGame" to get the map loaded due to some problems where nothing happens after pressing "Launch game" button although that button is fully accessible. In the future, you will, of course, normally launch the map from ingame button. 2) There were certain problems occuring prior this update, which caused those upper-mentioned, fixed crashes. After this update though, there's a new error that is occuring, BUT the error is regarding player's deck, whereas previously it wouldn't even come to that point. Also, for first time in the server, packet named "JoinChatChannel" is called, which differs from "JoinChatRegion", because the first one is used while in missions/maps, while the second one is used in forge. 3) Packets are stupidly named, and make no sense to be honest, and that's confusing us, but it's not something of a big importance. If you look at 4th line from the bottom corner of upper left console window, those are the new log messages that occured after the update, whereas prior to the update the client would stop at "VisMain: ..." line and do nothing. You can also see in the server console that after "CharacterForMatchCompleteNotification" packet the "JoinChatChannel" packet is called, and that's the actual in-mission/map chat. 23-12-2015 by @fiki574 11:45 Our holy @MephistoRoss managed to get himself to actual map loading screen, where he got the crash we think we know whats causing it. So yea, when maps get done, give huge tribute mainly to Meph and Blank, I’m just here to compile their findings. (Although I did help a bit with finding crucial packet ) 7-12-2015 by @fiki574 20:12 Client seems to request certain specific values, and quite few of them to even start properly loading the map, Blank was on a good trace, but that trace faded out when going further into reversing. We have to take a deeper look. you’ll know everything on time, as usual 7-12-2015 by @fiki574 20:01 not an update, but more of an insight: Blank did some reversing, I did some testing, no luck with maps yet, but they behave quite weird to be honest from what we have seen so far, stand by for more future-soonish info/updates 1-12-2015 21:10 @fiki574 Small step has been made regarding maps! You will know everything on time, but for now know that we/I are/am slowly figuring out how things work Also completed all of my exams in this year, so have a full month of free time, which means more updates 21-11-2015 13:40 @fiki574 Fixed a problem with friend/ignore list - some bugs may still occur, however one crucial should've been fixed, I tested it locally and it appears fixed Fixed a client crash during the character creation regarding non-existing deck Fixed a problem which was causing disconnection immediately after the character creation Fixed an occurence where friend list was using ignore list player count Fixed a problem where character would be double assigned to an account after the creation 14-10-2015 12:40 @Fiki574 @Blank @Lord NullPointer Updates from 30th of September to 14th of October (compilation includes Lord's, Blank's and mine updates): Added partial name search feature when searching for players Added Gold cost to upgrades Added a check that prevents sending Gold through mail, as it is now untradeable currency Added a check that prevents sending a Mail to a player that is ignoring you Added AFK, DND and LFG player states Added possibility to add players from your friends list directly to ignore list and vice-versa Added proper deck level assigning/calculation Added all map IDs to the server (and yes, this means that work on maps has began) Added base code for game session Fixed crash when player whispers offline person Fixed duplicate session/character bug, which caused certain CPU and stability problems, which are now fixed Fixed occurence where you'd get an unwanted message on a wrong place, specifically regarding player info packet Fixed problem where your BFP amount would not get deduced immediately after buying a product from store FIxed numerous crashes which occured on certain packet handling/exceptions Fixed a problem where mail receiver would not get message notification about receiving a mail Fixed occurence where card ID would appear negative Fixed a problem where some cards couldn't be obtained through boosters, even though they should've been obtainable Fixed most problems/bugs regarding auction, show deck and trade systems So yea, this is a very bare compilation of our updates from starting of the Alpha to this point. Needless to say, there is at least 3 times as much fixes/changes/updates/whatever than the upper list, but there's really no point in posting those, as you only need to know about upper ones. 3-10-2015 4:16 @Lord NullPointer Update: Fixed !admins, Added Auction+ Mail Cap, Boosters showing upgrades bug fixed, Auction sorting, Removing Charges doesn't return Cards to inventory fixed, Returning upgrade when removing functioning properly. 27-9-2015 @Lord NullPointer 12:31 UPDATE: Whispering is now implemented. Groups is partially implemented (Working on this). Group chat is the last thing to finish to complete the chat system Ithink. But first need groups to work for that. 26-9-2015 @Blank 22:17 Great news for Mac and Linux users. BF works on Linus and Mac through use of the wine/crossover app. https://gyazo.com/6b37837ae25f3bdafddcaa5e8d2dfbfa 26.9.2015 21:51 @Lord NullPointer Update: Chat issue is resolved and fully implemented public chats(so public chat channels like trade/global etc). This was the main issue for Alpha ;] Tomorrow I'll implement Whispering. Alpha should be ready as soon as Whispering and group chat is implemented. 19-9-2015 @fiki574 1:28 UPDATE: Added a check to mail sending packet that checks if message length is bigger than 256 characters and disallows the sending if it is (this should be removed in future, and should allow bigger messages) | Fixed an issue where you could have a player in both friend and ignore list | Fixed problem where GameMasters could kick themselves, even though self-kicking is not allowed Hiroo: I would like to know if upgrading a card raise the tutorialdecklevel. Can you answer that currently? Fiki:yes it can raise the deck level, however the deck level saving is not implemented yet, meaning no matter how much you upgrade the cards, the deck level is always 0 due to current purpose limitation deck level calculation is present, deck level loading is present, BUT deck level SAVING IS NOT 18-9-2015 @fiki574 19:04 Update: Deck saving/loading/deleting is now flawless- that bug that caused ‘Failed to rename/delete deck!(seen on Hawk Stream) is fixed -Tutorial deck works(un-editable, non-renamable) In the alpha, you will own tutorial cards in your collection, in the beta, this is still being discussed. 17-9-2015 15:27@ Lord NullPointer Update: Auction house fully functional just some cleanup required.( Buying, bidding, canceling, timer coded) 17-9-2015 @Lord NullPointer UPDATE: Both bid and buyout system working in auction. only thing left is reducing the timer of each auction. 16-9-2015 16:34 @Lord NullPointer Last issue with trade(Card duplicates showing different ids(see below)) fixed. Trade is all done. 16-9-2015 15:36 @fiki574 Last mail bug fixed. Mail system is now completely operational. 15-9-2015 11:47 @Lord NullPointer UPDATE: You can now both create auctions as well as find them in Item Search. All filters work, All ordering works. (bid/buyout doesnt work yet). Also implemented watch list. which means you can however watch auctions. 15.9.2015 1:16 @Lord NullPointer Update: Aunctions can now be created, however still need to apply some validation. Also discovered sorting variables when searching for auctions. 13-9-2015 12:07 @Lord NullPointer Update: Discovered pattern in where duplicated cards when given( for trade cards/mail cards/aunction cards) gave other ids. This caused us to not be able to add the same cards when you have duplicates, which was possibly only issue with trade(read: trade possibly fully done) 13-9-2015 3:16 @Lord NullPointer Update: Discovered some variable uses for the store page, which allows us to give back certain products with certain prices. 12-9-2015 16:49 @fiki574 Update: - Added bare code for ranking system(which now prevents client hangings.) -still not functional as you can not really play any maps, stats and overall rankings are useless until beta. possibly fixed a rare bug in booster opening fixed occurrences where character/account would not get their isOnline/InUse values reset to 0( character/account would be shown as not online and therefore could log into account from multiple clients) Minor updates to mail system. 12-9-2015 1:41 @Lord NullPointer Update: Trade is effectively functional(except for cards, some issues with certain scenarios need to be fixed.) 11-9-2015 11:51 @Lord NullPointer Update: Both Requests/Show deck are now fully functional. 10-9-2015 17:46 @fiki574 UPDATE: Fixed exception when entering the forge with your newly created character | Updated mail sending and retrieving packets - more efficiency | Updated character creating packet - fixed a problem which would leave you hanging, without your initial cards & deck creation/saving in DB, and eventually disconnect you from server 9-9-2015 22:25 @fiki574 UPDATE: Server now can retreive/send packets with size greater than 2048 bytes (was initial limitation, is not anymore thanks to @Blank) | Rewroter ALL packets which now actually use present structure files - took me 3 hours to do this... | Fixed searching for players - now finally works as intended (shout out to @Lord NullPointer for indirect involvment) | 1 Gold now actually gets taken away when sending a mail 8-9-2015 23:10 @ Lord NullPointer Trade everything works except completion(accepting trade doesn't do anything) This means: Add/removing cards and boosters possible Adding/removing BFP Both players see changes Plan for tomorrow is to finish show/request deck(deck tracking) 8-9-2015 at 1:45@Lord NullPointer Update: Can now request/show deck to players( need to implement deck tracking) 7-9- 2015 at 18:49 pm @Lord NullPointer Update Buying upgrades now actually reduces tokens 7-9-2015 @ MrXLink All pure fire cards’ upgrade, ability cost information collected. 7-9-2015 15:36 @ fiki574 UPDATE: Referals saving system is now implemented! Make sure you write your Ultrakool’s name to help him out with gaining "possible future rewards". 7-9-2015 12:02 @Lord NullPointer Update:Discovered how to tell client if player is loading/online etc. This allows further development in requesting deck/trading etc. Tomorrow work will start on actual trading(requesting trade, accepting, putting cards into trade) 6-9-2015 22:01 @fiki 574 UPDATE: Added characters' statisticts table to our database | Added character's statisticts enumeration - used in "GetCharacterStatistic" packet, only lacks saving/loading of completed maps on certain difficulty, will be implemented later when needed and possible | Added insertion of a row to statisticts table when creating a character | Updated "GetCharacterStatistic" packet - now reading correct values from database table | Updated chat channels code in non-coding words: that profile page where you see your ingame stats is currently somewhat functional and reading values properly. the chat channel update is nothing big, im still understanding how chat system works, ran into some problems 6-9-2015 at 20:46@Insanehawk said on TeamSpeak the number of players in the alpha will rise, from 20 to30 to 40 , to 50 and 60 and so on to 200. The total number of players is 200. The beta will start once we reach 200 players in the alpha. 6-9-2015 at 15:32 @fiki574 Update: Updated search player feature- now properly retrieves info for existing characters, however if invalid character is detected, client just drops the connection| Updated friend/ignore list adding/removing- small bug fix which would fail to display newly added friends/ignores| Updated mail sending packet- small change to passing the GMs name when sending official mails| Found out most of the structure for “GetCharacterStatistic packet- now only needs proper database saving 5-9-2015 at 20:22 @ MrXLink card list completed, hopefully no more corrupt collections and all 540 cards in the game( in allbfcards hosted locally) 5-9-2015 16:43 by @fiki574 Added possible fix to bug encountered on stream( duplicate player in player list). Minor changes to session code. 5-9-2015 BFR Stream 21.21 mins by @Insanehawk 20 players will be selected to participate in the closed technical alpha. @Mr X-Link Current estimations for server cost is 40 euros/month 2-9-2015 16:33@fiki574 Finally fixed mail system. Reading, deleting and sending mails work properly now. Sending more than one cards will cause UI/client bug that will only show the first one. However, 2 cards are still successfully attached to the mail. Added proper booster sending through mail. Deck(level) saving, deck cloning, saving, deleting completely done Minor improvements to existing packets/structures. 1-9-2015 17:39 @fiki574 Gamemaster commands added Player commands-!pop(server population info) and !admins(server admins online) game starting packets updated Updated “GetTotalPlayerOnlineCount” packet- fixed occurrence which would cause an unwanted exception. 1-9-2015 12:14 @fiki574 Updated deck saving/deleting/renaming- everything except cloning should work properly now updated booster pack opening with new proposed ratios Updated game creating and starting packets tutorial map being worked on. 31-8-2015 16:18 pm @fiki574 Update: Added “StartCustomGame” packet(used for loading/playing maps, as well as for tut maps) -added tutorial deck creation(with corresponding cards) on character creation -fixed tutorial deck problems, added checks if player tries to edit/rename/delete the Tutorial deck. Tutorial deck is recognized as a normal collection deck. Even if the deck is changed, upon relog it will reset. bug fixed that caused deck system malfunction removed hardcoded decks cards adding. 30-8-2015 18:20 @fiki574 - Trying to hardcode tutorial deck, not much luck. -Deck saving fixed -Updated deck deleting/renaming:added a check that will prevent game hanging and instead will send message “ Failed to rename/delete deck!” since something goes wrong in client/server -Updated booster opening - fixed occurrence where you would get a promo card when you should not. Booster opening was tested 29.8.2015 19:49 @fiki574 UPDATE: Sending/retrieving cards through mail is now functional (though, there appears to be an User Interface bug on client-side which only shows the image of the 1st card that is being send even though you're sending 2 or more cards, but nevertheless you retrieve them all at the end). There is now only 1 bug left to fix to have a properly working mail system, and that bug is crucial because it resets mails that you have read back to unread/new, but should be fixable. 28-8-2015 19:03 @ fiki574 Reversing is mostly done, as Blank made a nice little program that dumped all packet structures 28-8-2015 19:10 @fiki574 Update: It’s now possible to attain promo cards from boosters(whereas from yesterday’s update was not)! Now focusing on creating custom command system and finishing the chat system. 27-8-2015 at 8:46 PM by @fiki574 New proposed Booster ratio is now live, working as intended 25-8-2015 at 10:08 and 11:00pm@fiki574 Update: Fully finished mute and kick GameMaster features(working as intended)| Several packet updates- ridden of unneeded code- certain checks that were performed twice in different parks of server needed code- checks that were needed but not present. 23.8.2015 at 18:06 @fiki574 Update: Mute and kick GameMaster/Administrator features are here. Rule-breakers, be afraid! Next feature to finish: Chat system 22.08.2015 @Blank http://allcards.bfreborn.com/ and http://wiki.bfreborn.com/ are now hosted on the new web server. 20.08.2015 at 18:33 @fiki574 fiki574 18:33 UPDATE: Reversed over 90 social packets! Found the arguments that are needed to be passed in order for a feature to work. 19 packets are yet unreversed due to complexity and confussion it causes in me. Later today or tomorrow I'm gonna reverse over 100 packet arguments for "ActionHandler", "AuctionHandler", "ChatHandler", "CharacterHandler" and "LoginHandler", and possibly finish partially done packets that can be found in mentioned handlers. fiki574 18:33 and of course, when the reversal is done, the full implementation begins fiki574 18:35 basically, i figured out how most of the social packets should work fiki574 18:35 excluding auction packets, which are yet to be reversed fiki574 18:52 and in non-C# language -> basically, i found out how to make most of the social features to work 19.08.2015 23:59 @fiki574 Update: More changes, updates and fixes to mail system! Sending a booster through a mail with the body text "SendBooster" fully functional. This is a new feature. 16.8.2015 17:40 @Blank Fully updated to latest version, everything previously working in last version is working in latest version | As always, if anyone has information of further dev sneak peaks, or ones that I might have missed, simply post here, and I will add it to the list. This list is far from complete,I'm sure I'm still missing some, which I will add more later on. 25.7.2015 12:19 @fiki574 Deleting and renaming decks is now fully functional. Discovered that deck cloning/duplicating is causing some weird issues. seems like deck cloning does not have separate packet, it uses "SaveDeckForCharacter" in another way Date: 20.7 2015 @fiki574 some fixes and minor performance improvements done. Date:19.7.2015 @fiki574 * Added code for unfinished packets: "DisbandLimitedPool" and "ActivateScratchCardForCharacter" || Updated "GetCharacterStatistic" - fixed a misstype, re-enabled commented code || Added packets: "SetAvatar", "GetTotalPlayerOnlineCount" and "IsReportPlayerEnabled" || Numerous updates to several packets - re-ordered some things, let's say it's more efficient now. Pve is almost entirely client sided, while pvp is server sided. Mailing done. 18. 7. 2015 @fiki574 report player packet & database structure implemented, make sure to report those ingame rule breakers @Blank is undercover for Interpol Trade System is complex, will need a lot of time and extra hands to think about starting(read: not started) fixed a bug with friend/ignore list that would make friended/ignored character always online Friend/ignore list bug-fixing mostly done Date: 16.7.15 @fiki574 Friends/ignore list done Date: 15.7.2015 @Blank The backend of the core(read: server backend) is almost at the point where it should be to continue building. Implementing chat will be a lot of work, however req/show deck should be rather easy. Fiki574 almost fully implemented mailing. Update: More changes, updates and fixes to mail system! Sending a booster through a mail with the body text "SendBooster" fully functional. This is a new feature.
  4. Hey all! In anticipation for the alpha, we have set up accounts for any media which will come out during Alpha! Make sure to share, follow,subscribe and whatever else you do to media accounts! Destoyerfros will be our YouTube Manager! Twitter:https://twitter.com/community_bf Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZLtgBj59SBfIZzcYWbxJVg Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/bfreborncommunity We will soon be hosting the Epic Alpha Tournament created by @Chimerae here! Check out this thread: http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1595-epic-alpha-tournement/ for more game rules details and eventual tournament streaming dates!!!!1 "2nd Alpha Features Stream" Twitch:http://www.twitch.tv/battleforgecom

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