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  1. @RadicalX and I were talking a little bit, and we thought it might be nice to present the community with a set of "recommended" tournament rulesets (like they recently did in Smash4, if you follow that). This will be things like legal maps, format (bo3, double elimination, pools, round robin, etc), and deck limitations (do you know your opponent's deck beforehand, are there bans, etc). We're going to have a series of discussions on PM (and maybe discord if we can all meet at once, but that might not be necessary) and decide upon a "standard" ruleset (or maybe more than one). We'll then present this to the community for further refining. If you want to get in on the PM discussions, just post here (and tag me so I get a notification, will you?) with a short summary of why you'll be beneficial to the discussion. Note that we're not only looking for strong PvP players--spectators are also an important part of any tournament. We're looking for people from diverse backgrounds who can give informed opinions, and actively participate in the discussion. The reason we're doing it in PM is to avoid being sidetracked by a random comment, but also to maintain accountability in actively keeping up with the discussion. And of course, the ruleset we end up presenting will be in no way the only tournament format that people can organize. The goal, however, is for most major tournaments to conform to these rulesets. It will be nice to have a generally unifying standard to prepare for. For instance, if most tournaments are played with only spectator-enabled maps, then perhaps a frost t1 becomes a better/worse option (depending on the number of map bans left). Or let's say you've got one deck at level 100 and you're trying to decide if it's worth going all the way to 120, or starting to upgrade a new deck. If the standard tournament ruleset means you register 1 deck and play the whole time with it, than it's probably better to sink your upgrades into 1 deck before moving on. Of course, preparing for tournaments is probably the smallest factor in determining what deck to play, but I do think a generally standardized tournament format is a good thing. So once again, if you'd like to join the discussion, post below with a short summary of why you'll be helpful!

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