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Found 4 results

  1. RainZy

    Seasons/Stat Changes

    Hello Skypeoples, So I have been thinking about this idea for a while the inspiration for it came from the game Overwatch when I use to play it. After reading the forums about ranked pvp, elo and OP decks I have been thinking. ''Is it possible to make people rotate decks?'' I thought about this because people were talking about how switching decks to learn new ones will effect elo plus most people play with whatever is most op in PVP circumstances. My idea is to possibly implement seasons for ranked pvp, a ranking system similar to the game Overwatch - for those of you who are not familiar with this I shall explain: Overwatch has a ranking system based on ''SR'' which is our equivalent with elo, you gain points through winning games and you lose them through well...losing however your rank is decided by tier e.g. bronze, silver, gold, diamond etc. (This is similar to CSGO). What are the benefits of such a system? - Allows users to keep their rank without feeling too bad in dropping on a global scale (World ranking if you would call it that) - People who are good at the game will get paired with more skilled players (If this was adjusted it could also be used against dual account boosting?) - Rewards such as packs/bfp can be used as prizes (Possibly even cards). Now here is the Idea that i wanted to talk about most - Card Stat changes within seasons! Nerfing and buffing certain cards, perhaps even tweaking abilities will in my opinion keep the game more exciting for the PVP enthusiast. This will allow for players to experiment with different card builds, add more strategy into the game and a change in meta. I think that this idea would provide the player with a new challenge as they would have to switch around their decks in order for them to work and have an edge over the opponent as stat changes would be a big deal just like in any RTS game. However I do think this would have to be excluded in PVE and Campaign as stat changes would just cause a hassle in that area of the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wish I could put more info and detail about my idea however I am really tired, thanks for reading and I wish to hear what you guys think of the idea, do you think this would be interesting?, Do you like it?, Do you see any cons with this? The card stat changes don't even have to happen in seasons as they happen anyway due to people complaining about OP cards etc. However I think changing the stats once in a while to change the Meta would be exciting! Of course it would be annoying for some players as they would have to rebuild a deck however I personally don't think its fun to make the Ultimate Deck and not being able to go on from there.
  2. DyonisX

    T4 Maps in Ranked

    ~tun tu-tutun-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tun-turu-tu-tu-tu-tuuuuuun~ - Anyways, So. Basically I was thinking about people making maps balanced and suitable enough to be added to the ranked rotation. The difference would be that these maps would be big enough, or designed for high tier play. - The one thing that PvP is missing is a way for people to fight eachother at T4, getting to T4 on normal maps is sometimes practically impossible, and on the occasion that it's doable it makes no sense to do so because getting T4 costs 300 power + the time it takes for it to build + the time it takes to save up 300 power which you can't really get back (all of this explained in @Eirias 's How to Build a (PvP) Deck Guide. - - I think that having maps designed to accommodate T4 play is the best way to enable it, could be maps that are just overall bigger, maps that have you start with 2 orbs at your spawn, combine those 2, find some other, more creative way but the idea is still there. - The ARAM map that people have been talking about would be a 3v3 map which would enable one teammate to get T4 at the cost of reducing the other 2 teammates's overall tiers (or everyone could go T3 or something like that). That map wouldn't fit into ranked because it's 3v3 not 2v2/1v1 but making a 2v2 version of it with some tweaks could work for the purposes of this post. - The problem(s) that I see with adding maps that support T4 to the ranked queue is that : It would put players with T1-3 decks vs people with T4 deck vs eachother It would sometimes make 2 players with regular decks to fight on T4 maps It would make players with T4 decks sometimes play in regular maps Any other combination you can make with the 3 things above ^ - An easy way of getting around that issue would be to make a list with all the pvp maps available when queuing and letting players select if they want to queue up for regular maps or for T4 maps (or both maybe who knows I mean if you wanna fight someone with T4 with a regular meta deck be my guest I'm not gonna stop you) ~~> This would be similar to how CS:GO does things when playing competitive, where you can choose which maps you want to play on and only those will show up Or an alternative way would be to just have 2 buttons, for example one with queue for regular maps, one with queue for T4 maps - I'm not sure whether or not a separate ELO would be required for regular and T4 or if it would be fine to just have one ELO for everything. - Not sure how T4 cards are balanced for PvP (which they are probably not because they're not designed for it I suppose) which could lead to cards needing to be balanced for PvP - Tell me what you guys think about this, if you have ideas on how to make it work feel free to post them, if you have any map ideas that could be used link them here and stuff like that.. mmm~yeah ~Th-th-tha-tha-tha-that's all folks!~
  3. XxAndroidxX

    Best Player ever

    Ok, there has been a lot of arguing about who the best 1vs1 player in the original Battleforge was. I know that there isn't a definite answer to that question, but we can a least try to find one. We are looking for the best 1vs1 ranked PvP Player. Not the one, who had the top spot for the longest, not only Primes. The best player, who you think would've beaten all the other "good" ones. In two threads there has allready been some discussing (http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/939-best-players/, http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/967-toughest-opponent-in-pvp/) and I tried to list those players, I think could be voted for. Have fun! (Sorry, if forgot someone... Sorry, if I wrote some names wrong - it's been a while...) XxAndroidxX
  4. CapnCrunch

    Ranked pvp listings plus some

    Does anyone have the last top 100 ranked BF players list? I know I'm in the top 100 just wanted to see where. Would be greatly appreciated. One more thing I'm curios to know, in its prime how many users did Battleforge have? This was my favourite game and I feel bad for not knowing.

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