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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys im actually pretty late...well u wont feel like this, but the guys which are involved will ... Anyways at first a bit about who I am. I am a Industrial Designer/Illustrator/Concept Artist from Germany...I'm in contact with the Devs nearly since the project started (lying...they were already working on it for a couple of months I believe) I made them the offer to draw for the project...for the moment I'm just doing some stuff completely free...the guys are so busy that the only "border" I had was the resolutions/dimensions. What I'm going to post here is first the progress of my work, inc the logo work of mine...second the finished piece of mine...and third the finished header inc the logo "Danfghj" did here: He was fine with me using his work ...Well I did some adjustments on his logo anyway...hopefully he is ok with that too Enough...my work below:
  2. Trihl

    Games Games Games!

    Games Games Games! Art, trailers, montages & gameplay! This threads purpose is to link (art)images, trailers, montages and gameplay videos or anything else regarding your favourite video game(s) and/or games your are currently hyped for. I know there are already a few threads regarding games, but they are not exactly showing off something and are merely discussion only. Info: If you upload an art image of someone else, make sure to provide a link to its source! Image source: https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=695527 This Dark Souls 3 montage catched my attention lately. Great gameplay and nice music:
  3. What was your picture on account in old BF? My was Construct and i still like this unit

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