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Found 6 results

  1. triggz

    Rate my Lost Souls PVP 1v1 deck

    Hey guys, i loved playing pvp in battleforge and looking forward to the release. What do you think about this 1v1 deck? Just put your opinions down there thanks
  2. Do you think that the Skylords Reborn team should make some of the non-usable enemy creatures and buildings into usable and collectible cards for players? If so, how do you think new cards should be introduced to the game? If not, why would you be against such a decision? All of the non-usable creatures and buildings from the Twilight, Bandits, Stonekin, Lost Souls and Amii factions can be found in these enemy lists: http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/The_Twilight http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Bandits http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Stonekin (pretty sure most, if not all Stonekin are usable by players) http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Lost_Souls http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Amii (not too sure what the Amii are about. I think I stopped playing before the 4th edition was released) Honestly, I think all of the non-usable entities should eventually be put into the game. The Skylords Reborn team could have their own custom edition content patches that introduce a small handful of new cards into the game with each new edition. If only a small handful of custom cards are introduced into the game per patch, the players and devs will be able to clearly see how the new additions impact the meta and will thus have a better idea of how to balance them. Once balance is deemed sufficient after several months of settling in, the next wave of custom cards could be considered. I already know that there are players out there that want the game to retain its vanilla stature, but I personally believe that adding all of the unusable entities as cards over time in waves will keep the game fresh, exciting and alive. Of course, many – if not all – of the unusable enemy entities will need to be tweaked, as some of them are likely overpowered or underpowered with their current stats and abilities. Thus, it may take some time and multiple tweaks in order to get each individual custom card to feel right. I believe that any possible short-term instability of balance caused by introducing new cards, by using the non-playable enemy entities, is worth enduring in the long run. What do some of you think?
  3. xHighTech

    What deck did you play?

    Greetings @ all. In cooperation with Ladadoos we would like to know which main decks did you played in BaFo PvP? I'll add your name into the main deck section & to a counter for the upcoming statistic. I would appreciate it if you let us know what you play/ed regardless of your T1 choice for a short overview. Vote counter: 115 Votes Deck's Player 11 Pure Fire ( cDKiLLrOy, Archmystic, LinEQ, LEBOVIN, Lohle, Taker, Jenskendrik, shadowxxs77, DawsonTheFish, @LoKilleRs, @Taurusfire... ) 10 Pure Nature ( dekka, Azta, @TomyWomy, @Kahetabi, @EarthRed, @PickOrder, @Danito, @MarbSlonk, @Chomiczek, @Roguzf ... ) 17 Pure Frost ( freemka, Tormar, MisterBanane, ferevus, Blondais97, MrBoa, Akula, @Jumpman, @Akiyamachandesu, @Dallarian, @Kinoster, @Daaron, @Dragonhide, @Leukos, @KonaiLP, @jaktichu, @Mefesto ... ) 17 Pure Shadow ( GadaiGER, veryhasted, Anonymos, Chimerae, Asraiel, thifofdeath, @UBiLAVA, @XxHARVESTERxX, @Kessler, @guyperetz, @ulvfdfgtmk, @Istab, @Crosego, @Riviute, @Complex, @ecillio, @OXYKNG... ) 13 Twilight ( xHighTech, Ladadoos, Treim, Sykole, MephistoRoss, Eirias, Dexirian, Ezmoneysniper, @Kipspiesje, @XxAndroidxX, @Dzodin, @ThomasMann, @Tofu, ... ) 7 Fire/Frost ( kestas3, Nachtalb, Ultrakool, Trihl, @DrOetker, @Necrovan, @HomieGoHome... ) 5 Bandits ( Drezrak, @JugGERnaut, @ImaginaryNumb3r, @Tytraso, @GEILWIEPEN, ... ) 12 Lost Souls ( Hirooo, DuellLord, Eddio, ImperatorSK, Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Loptous, fShark, xtazfuneral, @mezren, @Demonic55331, @Totylcf, @Darkblaster, ... ) 12 Amii ( RadicalX, MrNguyen, valarium, DeChris, Hollwie, JuvenileEnvy, Jew, DarcReaver, @tbpeti, @Mirosius, @YaBro0 , @bramkriek, ... ) 11 Stonekin ( MaranV, forger, Dmytros, element, WotdeFack, @alesgec, @darklionking, @Demiron, @Venorik, @Delok, @Dragon270,... ) Best regards, xHighTech & Ladadoos Inspired by Ladadoos's Where are you from thread.
  4. Before i start i did try to find a topic on this matter and i couldn't if there is such a topic plz redirect me to it. I was a huge fan of the game from the beginning as i see most of the other ppl on this forum r, and im glad there are so many of us. I new the game (battleforge) had much more potential then it achieved in the long run, and im very glad this project has been started. I think SKYLORDS could become something great. Now to the topic. I think that many of u would agree that the game (battleforge) in the beginning was super original and fun, and had grate quality (balance), but as time passed less attention shifted from quality and moved to moneymaking. The main way the game made money was through selling cards which could only be bought with BFP (cash), which is already a very faulty business plan for such a games. So to continue to make money the they started pumping out new expansions left and right with unoriginal cards an serious balance issues, they shifted form quality to quantity (for me it was mostly lost soul edition ruining it all)!!.. Almost non of the new cards had original frames they were rebuilds of previous card frames with only color changes and sloppy new animations. In my opinion and i think many of u would agree that the game was loosing its originality, its "battleforg - yness". In my opinion Renegades still had some original cads like the AMAZON, FOREST ELDER, THUNDER WAGON, NETHER WARP (added real amazing mechanic in the game) and some others as well, while the Lost Souls expansion was utter nonsense, all the lost units where rebuilds form older cards, i think except for GRIGORI. That was the great fall in quality. Im talking about the quantity over quality situation i mentioned previously. So i propose to start the game with only the original cards set, an later start thinking about the expansions which are far inferior in quality and balance. They don't help the game reestablish itself and even harm its reputation as something original and genuine. I think we should keep the updates that were later implemented as well as the balance changes for example the Trample mechanic that was changed for M units that where mounted (it was pretty original), but only with the original cards in the game. If it were me i would first release only the original cards and after a little while maybe the Renegade cards, but would never let the abomination that is Lost Souls ingame (without major changes). But thats just me )))
  5. Dear Skylords, I am here to present you one of the greatest injustices of BattleForge, and claim for the acceptance of a missing card: A Lost Souls 2 (or 3) orbs Dragon. This faction deserves it. All other factions got theyr own 2~3 orbs dragons (ok, i know phoenix is not a dragon but you'll get my point): Since Swamp and Skyfire both have neutral orbs, Twilithg have TWO drakes, same for Frost/Nature... My lord, even Bandit faction got TWO drakes!! In my humble opinion, Lost Souls really must NEED theyr own black and beauty special Lost Drake... Honestly, what do you guys think about it? Thank you in advance! Sincerely, Fabiano Shark Oh my lord I was forgetting this creature: Twilithg can have THREE drakes with one PURE. No more arguments to not put a Lost Drake.
  6. Pyrolithic

    The Story Continues

    Im going from memory so the lore might not be exact but it's close enough for the purposes of this topic. I came up with these ideas before Battleforge shut down so it's been a while since I've thought about this stuff The last we saw of our heroes the had lit the soul flame and reopened the gate for lost souls to pass to the next world. However, a massive metal being with fire and steam came out and killed everyone. These beings are the forge masters. humans had traded their afterlife to the forge masters/ builders in order to gain power and a second life as skylords. The fight against the forge masters should be the next part of the main story line. they would be metal or mechanical in appearance and be frost fire combo. each combo has a special ability like revenant for lost souls and amendment skin for stonekin and bandits regain health when they deal damage. for the forge masters i think possibly a (mode change where damage is increased but speed is lowered) or mode change switch between close range medium range and long range attack with lower speed for longer range. Also nature shadow, the only card we have is the Amii phantom. Perhaps this combo would be the amii faction. For the combo special though at a power cost of 50 for the next 15 seconds all attacks by unit inflict poison damage that deals damage over time (stack 4 times) and slow enemy to walk speed for 8 seconds (no stacking), enemy is immune to slow for 30 seconds after it wears off. Rogan Kayle died so, so a neutral 2 orb Skylord Rogan Kayle would be pretty cool, and it wouldn't be too difficult to work into the story line.

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