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Found 8 results

  1. Hello fellow Skylords, this game mostly revolves around PvP matches, so it is sad that many cards with cool effects can not be used in PvP, because of their number of required orbs. It is rare that tier 3 is reached in PvP battles, not to mention tier 4. I have never seen someone having tier 4 cards in their PvP deck. So my suggestion is that many high tier cards change when they are used in PvP. By changed i mean that their effects stay the same (with nerfed values) but their tier goes down by 1 for tier 4 cards and maybe for some tier 3 cards as well (just if the the tier 3 cards would not be too OP in tier 2). Of course this comes with a nerf of the base stats and dmg of their effects. If the Devs do not want to make it too complicated i would set a percentage, which the cards lose of dmg, stats and effective time (for something like cc or buffs). I know it is much work but this would allow the players to find new cool combos and tactics. Maybe then there would be more people whom play pure element decks. Your Battleforge veteran, Yima Ymir
  2. RainZy

    Seasons/Stat Changes

    Hello Skypeoples, So I have been thinking about this idea for a while the inspiration for it came from the game Overwatch when I use to play it. After reading the forums about ranked pvp, elo and OP decks I have been thinking. ''Is it possible to make people rotate decks?'' I thought about this because people were talking about how switching decks to learn new ones will effect elo plus most people play with whatever is most op in PVP circumstances. My idea is to possibly implement seasons for ranked pvp, a ranking system similar to the game Overwatch - for those of you who are not familiar with this I shall explain: Overwatch has a ranking system based on ''SR'' which is our equivalent with elo, you gain points through winning games and you lose them through well...losing however your rank is decided by tier e.g. bronze, silver, gold, diamond etc. (This is similar to CSGO). What are the benefits of such a system? - Allows users to keep their rank without feeling too bad in dropping on a global scale (World ranking if you would call it that) - People who are good at the game will get paired with more skilled players (If this was adjusted it could also be used against dual account boosting?) - Rewards such as packs/bfp can be used as prizes (Possibly even cards). Now here is the Idea that i wanted to talk about most - Card Stat changes within seasons! Nerfing and buffing certain cards, perhaps even tweaking abilities will in my opinion keep the game more exciting for the PVP enthusiast. This will allow for players to experiment with different card builds, add more strategy into the game and a change in meta. I think that this idea would provide the player with a new challenge as they would have to switch around their decks in order for them to work and have an edge over the opponent as stat changes would be a big deal just like in any RTS game. However I do think this would have to be excluded in PVE and Campaign as stat changes would just cause a hassle in that area of the game. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wish I could put more info and detail about my idea however I am really tired, thanks for reading and I wish to hear what you guys think of the idea, do you think this would be interesting?, Do you like it?, Do you see any cons with this? The card stat changes don't even have to happen in seasons as they happen anyway due to people complaining about OP cards etc. However I think changing the stats once in a while to change the Meta would be exciting! Of course it would be annoying for some players as they would have to rebuild a deck however I personally don't think its fun to make the Ultimate Deck and not being able to go on from there.
  3. Amergo

    Structure Decks

    Hi I had an Idea for Beginners My idea came after i saw pull rates on Boosters and that some players had like no experience in battlforge so i thought when it is not to hard to programm we could bring out Structure decks I know I know you will think now But it this not to easy then to get cards ? My answer : No , cause i created in the Images below decks that doesn´t have rares only 2 uncommon per tier and still work pretty good as base deck So why i have this idea ? Some people don´t have pull luck may get a lot of crap or cards they don´t like ofc booster opening is interessting but with a Structure deck you are on the safe side What should a Structure deck cost and does it mean that that you get 20 new cards? My Theory would be that when a booster cost 50 Bfp this Structure deck could cost 150 i mean yes its not so low cost but you get 20 cards safe without risk that you pull something else i mean yes this aren´t the best cards and some of them are even standart cards but so you have a pre build deck. Why should this help beginners ? when you remember back in the day you had your Tutorial deck right? and some standart cards but you learn step by step what the Strong sides of each base faction would be so let think this a step ahead . I create this deck on base of their strong sides without get in too strong cards ( yes i put Shaman in nature but that has the simple point that nature cards are 20 % base cards ) Why would i then buy boosters when i could buy just the structure decks ? In the Structure decks you have no rares or ultra rares and just cards of the base forms so no bandit,lost,Stone,neutral or twilight i mean don´t get me wrong you could in theory win with this decks cause they work as a unit but still with the rares it would be more easy But are Nox Trooper (shadow) or Scavenger (Fire ) not a uncommon too ? I let some cards out of the way even if they are just uncommon cause they are pretty strong and could work as a Rare card even shaman i think twice to put him in but for the main engine of the nature deck it need him Engine? What you mean ? I put in every Deck A engine that stand for the Strenght of the Faction Fire =Dmg -Burst dmg Frost = strong defense - Tactical Shadow = Sacrifice for Power - use dead for your average Nature = Healing - Linked power But why you should buy this ? I think that you will see some strong cards in every structure decks The shaman in nature Enforcer in Fire Juice Tank in frost Furnance of Flesh in Shadow even if you aren´t a beginner you could still get save this cards My result is that it could be a cool Idea if its not to hard to code it And yeah i´m alrdy sry for my grammar its pretty bad ^^
  4. DyonisX

    Better MotM

    *insert witty introduction line here* First of all I have no idea if someone suggested this already(probably), I'm too lazy to go beyond the first page of posts to look it up. Secondly, my idea is that basically it would be a nice idea to replace the random single/multiplayer maps of the month with user created maps. - During every month people would have the opportunity to create maps for single/multi which would then be able to be selected as the maps of the month. -- Now it could be something like having the mods, pick the maps that would be suitable and then having a random one picked to be the map of the month, or it could be that the players would vote on the forum as to which map they'd want to play next month, otherwise you could make it so that more than 1 map in each category could be selected so that you'd have more than 1 choice (depending on how many people actually create maps every month) --- In my opinion playing different maps made by players every month that would look nice and not repetitive and boring would be way more fun and engaging than the randomly generated stuff Tell me what do you think about this idea .
  5. Squishyboi

    Card Crafting

    You know it sound crazy when you talk about crafting your own cards, but i have an idea last night before i went to sleep. I've been playing hearthstone on my phone recently and there's a card crafting system that let you use your unwanted card or the same card you get after you opened a pack to turn into the card you want. Here is a suggestion for the requirement for each cards rarity Cards: required 10 (common) , 10 (uncommon) 5 (rare) , 3 (super rare) of the same elements,type(for example you need creature cards to make a new one) and need to have the same rarity. *Might need some balancing* suggestions below------- I WON'T BE HOME FOR A WHILE SO THE REPLIES MIGHT BE LATE!!!!!
  6. EranShoval

    Changing the current ping system

    Hello everyone. Battleforge's old pinging system included 2 buttons using the keys " G " and " V ". G was used to ping a certain place without a message unless you press on a unit/building and it send the message " attack here ". V was used to ping a certain place for danger and letting your teammate know to watch out. I believe this system is quite dull and can be improved like the existing smart pinging system used in league of legends: In league of legends by pressing the " G " key you have 5 possible options. The middle option is the default normal ping without any pop up messages or if pressed on unit says " attack here". By holding the " G " key and moving your mouse cursor you're able to choose one of the other 4 options. I believe we should have the following 4 options: 1. Be careful / watch out message (Up) 2. On my way message (Right) 3. Help me attack (Left) 4. Help me defend (Down) In my opinion having more pinging options will help making communication in PvE and PvP a lot easier. So, what do you think?
  7. EranShoval

    3vs3 ranked PvP

    I remember having some 3vs3 maps on sparring grounds I know this game mode is considered less serious and sometimes involves T4 units, however i think it might be a good game mode for competitive play and it shouldn't require too much coding because BattleForge had some 3vs3 maps and made it possible to have 6 players in one instance. ( In my opinion this game mode wasn't played seriously because it wasn't a competitive mode for rank. ) What do you guys think?
  8. EranShoval

    Basic PvP tips

    I think there should be some PvP tips when in loading screen or in lobby for a ranked or sparring PvP match, small tips such as "keep your units separated so they wont get hit by area of effect spells" , "Most PvP decks contain cards of 3 orbs max for better variety during first and second orb fights" These kind of tips should help newcomers get by all the veterans so they'll have an easier time learning the PvP scene of the game which is a lot different from PvE. If you have more tips you think they should add to the game's PvP scene feel free to share.

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