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Found 1 result

  1. Ladadoos

    Gold chests

    After reading one of the most recent threads made by @MrXLink, which mentions the current proposal for Tokens and Gold ( http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1275-current-proposal-tokens-gold/ ), I got to thinking about gold chests, and how they, in my opinion, were not really worth the time that my units took to go to the chest and open it. Furthermore, the gold chests didn't seem all that special or rewarding - I personally never really got the motivation to try to work my way to a gold chest since the reward just wasn't all that great, in my opinion. It felt like it was just a small reward you were able to get here and there, which I am assuming is the intention of them, but in some maps they were located in an "extra" base (A base you didn't have to destroy to complete the match). In my opinion, those golden chests never really were 'one of the reasons' to destroy the base. Whether gold chests located in places you would for sure go through in maps are a small reward or gold chests located in 'extra' bases you wouldn't necessarily go through are a bigger extra reward is something that I would like your opinions about. Perhaps it's both, perhaps it's none. Should chests be something that you need to do extra work to get or should it be an extra chest that is located in a base that you would have to destroy anyways to win the match? Nonetheless, I believe that gold chests weren't that special, were rather boring and not really worth the time getting (I believe this is the opinion most people have). I've told @MrXLink this, and I will post a quote for the curious people among us: "I actually have no clue whether it is even possible to easily manipulate gold chests, since each chest has a random value of gold assigned to them, varying per chest and per roll. I agree, chests do seem very boring and if we have time and the possibility to edit gold in chests we might just end up boosting them rather than having elements influence them."(http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1275-current-proposal-tokens-gold/&do=findComment&comment=29082 ) He mentioned the possiblity of increasing gold gained from gold chests, which didn't sound all that great to me at first, to be honest. That being said, since gold will now be used as the currency upgrade our cards, it will make the gold received from chests more rewarding/useful. (This of course depends on how much gold you gain from a chest compared to how much gold you actually have - which hopefully won't be a HUGE pile, like in the old Battleforge). I was thinking if there could be some other kind of reward that we can get from opening gold chests. Yes, I know it's called a gold chest, which would rather obviously have gold in it, but just to see if we can come up with some interesting/creative rewards or ways to get to find/open a gold chest. So, do you have any ideas of rewards or cool ways to find and open a chest? I don't expect much to change about the gold chests - only the amount of gold receive from them, if possible. So again, this is more to hear all the different opinions as well as collecting ideas regarding rewards and ways to find/open a chest. What do you think about this topic ?

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