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Found 6 results

  1. bliksoldaatjie

    Deck size

    Deck size on BF was a tad bit large so maybe put a cost limit of the cards when making the decks so it's not just a bunch of OP cards as what I did back in the days. It was fun and all but became to easy eventually
  2. Rakkhot


    Ok, I have this idea, since we got permission from EA. This project would be something for future plans, but I thought I would throw the idea in the room to see where we get and if it is even possible. Is it possible to change the forge? I mean right now the forge is already a wonderful interactive tool to test out strategies and to put unit against unit to see who would win a fight. But would it be possible to add more, so that you could spawn more than just a few enemy units. Another idea was that you could build walls yourself in the forge so you could simulate attacks on fortifications etc. Gonna be looking forward to feedback, see you on the
  3. Trihl

    Games Games Games!

    Games Games Games! Art, trailers, montages & gameplay! This threads purpose is to link (art)images, trailers, montages and gameplay videos or anything else regarding your favourite video game(s) and/or games your are currently hyped for. I know there are already a few threads regarding games, but they are not exactly showing off something and are merely discussion only. Info: If you upload an art image of someone else, make sure to provide a link to its source! Image source: https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=695527 This Dark Souls 3 montage catched my attention lately. Great gameplay and nice music:
  4. Haruka

    Closed-Beta Talk

    What is everyone's thoughts on the closed beta, when, who, and where? All opinions are acceptable.
  5. Extenessis

    playing the game

    i got a question... im a new guy here and i played the game before (battleforge) over 2 years and on my birthday on 31.october they closed it. but thats not the question, i saw many member here and they allready got status like fighter or something like that. i remeber that i also got a level ingame was with a green symbol with 4points and pvp it was gold a circle with 3 points under,,, i mean do you play allready and im to stupid to see it??? and where i can go with a live sxtreaming online? steam??? and how i get also a starter level here sry for so much stupid zhings i asked and sorry for my bad bad english im from germany nice regrets to you all members and lets talk
  6. Onii-Chan

    Campaign Expansion?

    Hey everyone that's reading this i'm a new person to the hype train and just wanted to throw out my ideas to the group. To put this simple and short I would just like to state that the actual campaign was kind of a bore and was really short so I suggest that we would expand this and add custom dialogue that would give a great and longer story just to make it more immersive.

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