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Found 2 results

  1. Title says it all. Whether the idea is a long-shot or not, I just figured it would be cool to implement for convenience purposes.
  2. mudavunts

    Who has had this problem?

    Hello guys, I made this account to introduce myself but it seems I have to ask for help in my first topic Anyways I signed up, got a validation e-mail and clicked on the validate button in it. Next I got an error image saying that this account doesn't await validation. Ok, I tried to go back and enter my account.(thinking that perhaps it was just a small mishap) But now I can not enter BFR forums from my pc (picture nr 2) and get the same message every time. I am typing from my smartphone which works like charm. I can access all other parts of the BFR site(main and dev) from my pc. Also when entering forums on pc, for 1 millisecond i see that it is loading the forums site but then the error kicks in. So sorry if I wrote it in the wrong place. Has anyone had similiar stuff and how did you fix it? PS. I did clear my browser caches and stuff and i got to the forums but after i try logging in, it will give me the second error again and won't let me enter the forums again until i do the cleaning again :/ pesky problem...

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