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Found 2 results

  1. PrimalVice

    The Guns of Lyr - 2 players farming

    Hi, I'd like to share a strategy to farm coins by playing The Guns of Lyr on expert difficulty with a friend which is more fun and more profitable than playing rPvE plus you get some experience for your profile to look cool and get High Lord rank (10) to be able to upgrade ultra rare cards to tier 3 with gold. Since we don't have 2 more friends playing BattleForge as much as we do, we felt it would be easier to find a scenario we can play with only 2 players rather than looking for 2 more everytime to play Bad Harvest, explaining what to take in the deck and what to do in-game to finish quickly, furthermore there's no time wasted in-between games when lobbies crash or it doesnt load up the game. Few people in-game have requested some help with the map so I decided to make a post on the forum. We managed to beat the map in 16:25 with quite expensive decks but the way of playing leaves some room for mistakes and doesn't require all the charges we used. The map itself grants many ultra rare upgrades so after few finishes when you get most of them in case you get them again you'll get gold instead, which results in getting 9000-14000 per player for finishing the map. I've included the replay and the rewards in the post. To watch the replay put the file in Documents\BattleForge\replays, go to your in-game profile and replays tab. If someone can tweak our version of this to do it more efficiently or quicker let me know. Also if requested we could try to finish the map without charges or some of the more expensive cards. GoL 16 25.pmv
  2. I was wondering if it would be possible to have a crafting/salvage system in the game. I heard HS has something like this which I don't really know in details as I am not playing it. How would it work in my opinion (obv. open for discussion, its just a suggestion) - Cards would have a Value Determined by card type like Upgrade card/Creature card/Building cardDetermined by card rarity - would work like a simple multiplier to the value (common *0,5, uncommon *1,0, rare *1,5, ultrarare *2,0 for example)- You would be able to salvage ANY card, and it would give you it's value as a reagent - You would be able to craft/forge ANY card, and it would cost it's value multiplied by a number like 3 or idk - Reagent gathered from salvage must be account bound - If you want to buy reagent, then you need to buy/trade cards - CRAFTED CARDS would be account bound by default, and you wouldn't be able to change this. - There must be a limit of how much reagent you can store so you can't bank it for new cards (most expensive card value * 1.5 sounds reasonable for me) - Possibility to craft DEMO cards, which is basically same as the card you want, but without any upgrades, gets consumed after using it for 1 battle (only usable on PVE maps), and costs 1/10 value of the original card I feel like crafting/salvage system allows many additional features in the future and allows you to plan your deck/playstyle without any serious determination or chance to invest money into the wrong cards This is just a basic idea, but I am interested about dev and player thoughts about something like this. I think it would create a more casual friendly game which would fit most players in my opinion as it is common that players play other games as well which is completely fine I think.

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