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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! I saw there was no stickied post about general concepts and strategies to think about when brewing decks, and as an avid MtG player, that made me think. I know how important things like tempo, card advantage and synergies are when constructing decks in other TCGs, but I never really thought about that when I played this game, I want this thread to be a place where discussion regarding synergies, concepts and DeckTechs take place. I will update this post with all tips that are recieved positively. Happy brewing! @Eirias has made an amazing guide to deckbuilding in BF here. It contains invaluable info on the value of different units in different meta-games. Be sure to read it through! /PorousBoat
  2. Eirias

    1v1 PvP Map Discussion (by Faction)

    I'm not sure if I want to write a separate guide, or add it as an appendix to my Deckbuilding guide, or just leave this thread as the guide itself. BUT, I think it would be very helpful for new players to understand how the map affects the game. This would be good for helping them choose picks/bans in a tournament setting (where you can choose maps), but also in random matchups to help players understand which aspects of which map they should use to their advantage, or be aware that their opponent will use. So let's start a discussion on maps! For the sake of argument let's consider these maps: http://battleforge.wikia.com/wiki/Category:1v1_Maps Elyon, Haladur, Lajesh, Simai, Uro, Wazhai, Yrmia, Random Generated. Write whatever you feel is helpful, but I'd like to get as much structure as possible (it will make it easier to convert this into a guide). The structure I propose is: 1. Choose a faction. 2. For all 9 other factions, list ALL the stages in ban order (for your chosen faction, list the stages in the order that you would least like to play against the other faction) 3. For all 9 factions, list ALL the stages in the order you would choose them (so you would choose an earlier map over a later map if neither was banned by your opponent). 4. For mirror matches, explain a little bit about deck differences and how that might affect your choice of map. I'm really not an expert at maps (never played in tournaments, so I never considered which maps I would choose against another faction), so take the following with a grain of salt. I'm mostly putting this out as just an example of the format. The following will be from the perspective of Fire-Nature. BANS Pure fire: Generated, Yrmia, Wazhai, Uro, Elyon, Simai, Haldur, Lajesh. Fire-Shadow: Yrmia, Elyon, Generated, Lajesh, Wazhai, Uro, Simai, Haladur Fire-Frost: Generated, Simai, Yrmia, Elyon, Haldur, Wazhai, Uro, Lajesh Pure Shadow: Elyon, Yrmia, Generated, Haladur, Simai, Lajesh, Uro, Wazhai Shadow Frost: Generated, Lajesh, Simai, Yrmia, Elyon, Uro, Haladur, Wazhai Shadow Nature: Haladur, Yrmia, Simai, Elyon, Wazhai, Generated, Uro, Lajesh Pure Frost: Yrmia, Wazhai, Generated, Elyon, Haladur, Uro, Simai, Lajesh Frost Nature: Haladur, Yrmia, Elyon, Simai, Lajesh, Wazhai, Uro, Generated Pure Nature: Uro, Simai, Generated, Haladur, Lajesh, Elyon, Yrmia, Wazhai CHOICES The opposite, except I would probably never choose Generated. MIRROR When my deck was distinctive (I'm not counting this for the rest of the matchups, because I'm evaluating them as a normal deck), I used VB and fire stalker instead of burrowers. I also took a lighter t1. This meant that I preferred not to have a center fight, but I did like having my enemy centered in once place because my deck was better at focused attacks than spread ones. I did better at maps with centers such as Elyon, Yrmia, and Simai, where I could well up on the sides and attack in a hypermodern style. Let me just tag @xHighTech @Hirooo @Aragorn @tbpeti @Taker @darklionking @ImperatorSK @LagOps @Anonymos @thesikaleon @matmicback @Obesity @Morathyls @MaranV because y'all are good and I want you to notice this

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