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Found 2 results

  1. Asraiel

    Market/Cardstock Restrictions

    hope that not to many will hate me for this post My Idea is to prevent (a bit) in longtermerms to get the market controlled by some Peoples. at start there will not be many cards in the Market but as time goes on more and more cards will be in the game and at somepoint the supply will get bigger than the demand. now in other games it happens as well that some peoples did try to control the market some even secsessful. to provent that from happening i would like to add a card restriction to the players cardvault. so he can only store a certain amount of the same card for example: every card can be stored up to a maximum of (exlude the upreaded Cards): Common 40 Cards of the same Card each Uncommon 30 Cards of the same Card each Rare 20 Cards of the same Card each Ultrarare 10 Cards of the same Card each that helps a bit in order to prevent market control from happening the nummers may even be lower. but this does not provent from multiaccount. In General was my intention to find a solution that provent such a market control so that players that join in later may have a easyer way to get to good cards since most of the "old" players allredy have them on max. maybe you have an better idea or solution
  2. CrypticWizrd

    PVP level restrictions

    Hi every one, Battle-forge was a great game in itself, but as we know one of its downsides was its unbalanced pvp. Many people i knew and me as well become frustrated after jumping into a pvp, only to be matched with person higher level than you and getting my arse handed to me. A possibility could be to introduce some sort of lvl restrictions to the pvp. Something like Planetside 2 that has a sort of tutorial map for lvl 15 and below, this insures players get a feel for the map without getting constantly smashed by a platoon of a top clan. Something similar like this could be implemented to battleforge, where ranked cannot be played untill a certain lvl or rank or achievement, so that when ranked is unlocked, the player has a certain number of knowledge of game mechanics. Too many times players raged-quit the game after constantly being thrashed every game. This is just an idea and i would like suggestions on this, whether you agree or disagree or have something else to add on too.

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