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Found 1 result

  1. YaBro0

    Uncommon PvP Tactics

    Hey future skylords, I had the same thread in the old forum and we gathered some very funny and strange tactics The main point is to find some variety in decks and playstyles between all the mainstream decks. Just share your ideas and strategies in PvP for 1v1 and 2v2 in this thread. Of course they don't have to be highranked approved tactics but should still be playable somehow. I'll gather your ideas in this starting post that we can someday all try it out Here's a little example from me that always made me the happiest guy on earth when it worked. When your opponent plays an AoC (or in the late game you can also play AoC in your opponents base yourself) just build a portal nexus and use the AoC to get it up in your opponents base. Once you managed to build it create a portal and instantly destroy it. The portal nexus will explode and kill everything in a 20m radius (3000-12000dmg on U0) Now it's your turn to share some uncommon strategies. Hope we can someday have a huge list 1v1 - Portal Nexus + Aura of Corruption (Use the Aura to build the Portal Nexus in 20m radius of an enemies base, create a Portal and instantly destroy it) - Darkelf Assassins + Dryad (green) (Place the Dryade next to the DA's to disable their debuff) - Bandit Sorceress + Mortar Tower (Use her ability on Mortar to make him able to shoot at a 50m radius) - Nox-Carrier + Ralling Banner - Dryad (blue) + Stonekin Units (in range of dryad's buff stonekin units take 35% less dmg) - Warden's Sigil + Termite Hill/Mortar Tower (Use the sigil to give shield to Termite Hill/Mortar Tower while it is building up near an enemy base) - Wrathgazer + Altar of Nihil (Use Altar of Nihil while Wrathgazer lets units disappear) - Wrathgazer + Evocater's Woe (Use Evocater's Woe on Wrathgazer to disable cc's on him while he lets units dissappear) - Girl Power (blue) + Fire Dancer/Storm Singer - Tunnel + Burrow Ritual/Burrower/Deep One/ Drones

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