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Found 5 results

  1. salenstern

    Orb Ownership

    I want to propose the idea of Orb Ownership. Orbs are one of the main mechanics of the game and are extremely important in every game mode, whether it be PVE or PVP. Saying this, this post is only going to be about Orbs in PVE. So... Orb Ownership? Basically, Orb Ownership is the idea that you can only claim certain orbs, instead of being able to claim them all. For example, Bad Harvest. I remember when I was playing some other player took my fourth orb for his fifth and I was super pissed. So I built towers preventing the ground units from moving past. I also remember the first player, dark green on the map, destroying the first base, taking both orbs, getting tier four and single handedly winning the game. Great if you were playing to win, bad if you were playing for fun, which is what games or for. Orb Ownership removes those scenarios from the game. As I said before, you can only claim specific orbs based on your position on the map. Another example in bad harvest. If you're the first player, the dark green, you can only claim the orb beside your starting orb, one of the orbs in the base and the final orb near the end of the map. This also applies if your orb is destroyed. This means if your teammates decide to not help/troll you and let enemies destroy any of your orbs, they won't be able to claim it. I feel Orb Ownership will force players to improve their teamwork and help their allies. It will also remove any "I can win the game by myself" players. What do you think about Orb Ownership. (If someone already came up with idea or something similar, sorry, didn't mean to steal it.)
  2. Tobbezeichnet

    can be deleted

    Hey Guys, today I'm here do present my idea of a new card layout... I wasn't happy with the old look of the cards. I know I'm used to it as the most of us are but its way to oldschool. I mean think about it, it's like 10 years old So I did a more new fession kinda look/design...mostly based on my own logo creation, the creation of the winner and the current logo. So what I did was a whole card overhauling. Basically from scratch. The only things I kept are pretty much the little icon for the abilities...since I kinda still like them...no matter that I NEVER EVER looked at them specifically since this task Already thinking about something that either gives more information about the ability or leave them out completely. All opinions are welcome...as well as suggestions. So hope you guys like it. 1st (old one) 2nd (new one) 3rd (with improvements and suggestions) 4th (3rd orb visible neutral and border rarety turquoise) Ah btw for now I used the old design of the Enforcer, but I will do a rework of his artwork too the next days
  3. Phoenix313

    3 and 4 orb fractions

    It is just an spontaneous idea developed while writing in the shoutbox. There was the idea to add water, air and light. While frost is a combination of water and air, the elfs for example represent the air part, there is no need for it also it would be a little bit odd when they became primary elements and the combined frost element would be also primary. Also I think the light part (as counterpart to shadow) is very well represented by the nature element, especially because there are many things like surge of light and so. Further I think, that primary elements could only be implemented with heavy modifications of the client and that this isnt really reasonable. But I think that it would be possible to add combinations of elements. For example the two missing 2 element combinations, namely Fire/Frost and Nature/Shadow. The idea is that it would be also possible to do combinations of 3 or 4 orb colors. My idea was: Holy (Nature, Frost and Fire): Shadow wouldnt work because it represents the complete opposite of holy things and nature represents the light part (close to holy), but even nature isnt immaculate. I think Fire and Frost are somehow neutral because they are good and bad. So to get holy you have to extract the good energy of any of the good or neutral elements, thats why you need all 3 orbs. The units could be angels (similar to the elfs of frost), the spells could be any light spells like surge of light and they could have structures that look similar to the thunder wagon. Abyssal (Shadow, Fire and Frost): Its the complete opposite of holy, so nature wouldnt work here and shadow is the element that represents this the best. Shadow isnt completely directed to destroying any live beings (even yourself) but is more dedicated to destroy anyone else to benefit out of their destruction. Also Frost and Fire arent completely good nor evil so they have also some bad energy and thats why you need to extract it from any of the 3 orbs to get this element. There could be even more detrimental effects than shadow already has and the units could be daemons. Eternal / Divine (Nature, Frost, Fire and Shadow): Whether the eternity is good or evil nor divine beings like gods have to be. But the divinity means anything. Also gods are usually observed as omnipotent, so you have to combine all elements again to one element to get the source of all elemental power, from where everything was created and maybe where everything will go. One of this units of this element could be a (Battle)Forge which you can summon, like the mothership in starcraft 2. It could be a T5 (as the only one) unit with a spare orb of choice (that maybe even affect the abilities of the forge, 2 nature orbs => healing ability, 2 shadow orbs => resurrection of corps, 2 fire orbs => siege, 2 frost orbs => extra defense or something like that). Other units could for example be other gods like Zeus. To the devs I am aware that the chances are very high, that it wont be implemented, it was just a spontaneous idea and I like just the imagination how it could be ;).
  4. Dallarian

    More factions!

    Dear Devs/Mods/Admins/ You can't stop that you started! There are more and more ideas for new factions to BF like air elementals, frost/fire, sanders and many more. Community probably won't stop image more races, spells, units, ideas. Why we shouldn't give them a chance for live? I know you are busy, working/studing, and also have BFR to finish. But when the game will be ready you could do something that exist in Starcraft 2. BF Map Editor probably don't contain this options, but in SC2's you can use your own graphic models, create own skills, new units and use custom music/sounds. Starcraft 2 also have arcade room where everyone can public his own map, and community can play it. Becouse of this option, community created big games, like new RPG with over 20-30 hours of story, pvp, guilds, raids and things like that (RPG in RTS!). Power of community is great and OP. Could you give to Battleforge editor ( when the game will be ready ) option to use custom textures, sounds and more, and also create something for custom maps? It could give way to make ideas real, and maybe in future BFR will get a new expansion? If agree, you could create new section for BFR ideas where ppl could improve ideas, and then create a new faction to game. What you think about that? Sorry for bad english, thanks if you have read that to the end.

    Your favorite Two-Orb Card

    My favorite Two-Orb Card is Harvester because its the only XL sized Two-Orb creature in the game. Also its ability to summon up to 4 Skeleton Warriors (once fully upgraded) with there Unholy Armor enabled makes Harvester almost completely independent. Harvester also has Siege witch makes him deal 50% more damage to buildings.

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