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Found 3 results

  1. Tobbezeichnet

    can be deleted

    Hey Guys, today I'm here do present my idea of a new card layout... I wasn't happy with the old look of the cards. I know I'm used to it as the most of us are but its way to oldschool. I mean think about it, it's like 10 years old So I did a more new fession kinda look/design...mostly based on my own logo creation, the creation of the winner and the current logo. So what I did was a whole card overhauling. Basically from scratch. The only things I kept are pretty much the little icon for the abilities...since I kinda still like them...no matter that I NEVER EVER looked at them specifically since this task Already thinking about something that either gives more information about the ability or leave them out completely. All opinions are welcome...as well as suggestions. So hope you guys like it. 1st (old one) 2nd (new one) 3rd (with improvements and suggestions) 4th (3rd orb visible neutral and border rarety turquoise) Ah btw for now I used the old design of the Enforcer, but I will do a rework of his artwork too the next days
  2. Asraiel

    Forum Design

    i find this forum can need a bit of a refreshing in style i fougth of battleforge background to replace the black one we have now and in the headline maybe showing all cards mixed dont need all affinitys but seeing always the same 20 cards of the 4 main fractions is kinda boring
  3. ibotje

    Stuff I make with Photoshop!

    Hey everybody! This will be the thread where i'll be sharing all the stuff I make using Photoshop! I'm quite skilled and if you have any idea's of what I should make post it below and i'll look into it I probably wont be doing all of them but if they seem interesting I'll try I'll constantly update this thread but making good things takes time ^^ Stuff I'm working on! A ad for on imgurA (possibly) improved version of BFR logo (when it's done i'll let the community decide) Stuff I finished! http://i.imgur.com/7GGh7wl.png (my own signature and background/cover for InsaneHawk) http://i.imgur.com/3hW7cIN.png (Signature for Ladadoos) http://i.imgur.com/hR4Ou9M.png?1 http://i.imgur.com/Bn7SJJB.png (Something I made for fun and i'll use it as background for now, not too proud of this one I might still edit this) If you want to use any of this stuff I would appreciate it if you send me a PM and i'll reply as quickly as possible! Feel free to leave your thoughts below

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