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  1. Hello, Skylords. Since I have not seen any posts on this yet I guess I will take action! Its simple just tell me when your birthday is in the comments January(2): @RadicalX@Delok February(6): @anonyme0273@Gegi@Sykole@nightrein@Monti@chargeR March(5): @Dallarian@InsaneHawk@Phoenix313@ImperatorSK@Defqon April(6): @Dexirian@PlainVenom@BionicReaper@Tinery@xsimon113@Yakamaru May(4): @DawsonTheFish@Kiwi@SZTB@wa2magge June(7): @Demiron@Tiberium@MeisterRihno@Bkingn@Frosty2011@Archmystic@ciller10 July(2): @Eddio@EonBen August(4): @veryhasted@Tofu@Aegis1020@Secvndvs September(4): @SilenceKiller99@sylvix95@ZomZommer@ThomasMann October(1): @Dzodin November(5): @Ultrakool@Kosmodan@MrXLink@Lukaznid@Mefesto December(4): @Nom@Riviute@Loppastoffa@Strider I will try to keep this post updated as much as possible. Also happy birthday in advance Leader of May 2017: June