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Found 2 results

  1. TheSInEater

    2 Years of skylords reborn!

    Hi guys! Weird that I'm one of the only ones bringing this up but time is time and it sure flys! its been since around june 3, 2015! thats more then 2 years! i tought this deserves some attention! proccess is incredible i still cant believe stuff is going this fast we went from alpha to beta and where almoste to the point of all playing together! all thanks to @InsaneHawk the person who started this project 2 years ago! do you all still remember the original post? i do! http://forum.ragezone.com/f856/battleforge-reborn-reborn-coming-1066718/ i still remember me telling my friends ''its going to be back in 2-3 weeks XD well yhea i hoped. not that hope is a bad thing. i never stopped believing. and now its been 2 years alot of time went by and alot of work has been done! the game is reaching a point of ''playable'' just a little shoutout to the whole team of coders and ppl handeling the community its not alwayse ''easy'' work or fast coded i know that had some coding of my own and its shitty if your stuck and it can take up so much damn time. so atleast i understand. a big GOOD JOB to all of you working on the project! Toast on more then 2 years of Skylords reborn! -TheSin Out. ps. Most of you wont know me because I am a watchdog. I am keeping an eye on the forum and I am waiting for an release of the game thats playable.
  2. Dawson

    When is your Birthday?

    Hello, Skylords. Since I have not seen any posts on this yet I guess I will take action! Its simple just tell me when your birthday is in the comments January(2): @RadicalX@Delok February(6): @anonyme0273@Gegi@Sykole@nightrein@Monti@chargeR March(5): @Dallarian@InsaneHawk@Phoenix313@ImperatorSK@Defqon April(6): @Dexirian@PlainVenom@BionicReaper@Tinery@xsimon113@Yakamaru May(4): @DawsonTheFish@Kiwi@SZTB@wa2magge June(7): @Demiron@Tiberium@MeisterRihno@Bkingn@Frosty2011@Archmystic@ciller10 July(2): @Eddio@EonBen August(4): @veryhasted@Tofu@Aegis1020@Secvndvs September(4): @SilenceKiller99@sylvix95@ZomZommer@ThomasMann October(1): @Dzodin November(5): @Ultrakool@Kosmodan@MrXLink@Lukaznid@Mefesto December(4): @Nom@Riviute@Loppastoffa@Strider I will try to keep this post updated as much as possible. Also happy birthday in advance Leader of May 2017: June

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