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  1. Hi all, I first want to say I am extremely pleased to see this project come so far. I cannot wait for the open beta release. However, I think we can all agree, that when the game launches again it will be in a bit of an odd place. To my knowledge, many of the tools a studio would use grow its community (such as ads) will not be available to the Skylords Reborn team. The community must grow organically through word of mouth. I expect that many in the community will be more than happy to invite their friends to play, but I do think the amount of players drawn in this way will be negligible as Battleforge is an aging game, and despite having the rights to modify the game client, brand new content (cards, maps, extra features) is unlikely. People who have not played the game before may not see the same appeal that we do. So I think it is safe to conclude much of the community will consist of past players and will grow at a relatively slow rate. I say all of this because of the account reset that is planned before the full release. To some this may seem logical, but again, think objectively of what the possibilities for the growth of this community really is and where many of the players are coming from. If there was good reason to believe that upon full release of the game that there would be a plethora of new players, it may be wise to start everyone off on the same foot. However, as I said before, there will likely be little in the way of new blood. With the somewhat extended nature of the open beta cycle (most players will have likely played through all available game content during this time), an account reset stands to fracture the size of the community. I would love to know more about the specifics of what an account reset hopes to solve.

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