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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! Just started played this game and have played for a week, but now i cant start the game. I tried reinstalling and it doenst work. I get the message "pcre3.dll not found. Problem can be solved by reinstalling the game" I really want to play my old favourite game again! so please help
  2. Hey there, So I have this problem where I can't launch the game. When I open the game it goes "updating 1/1" and then stops and shuts off before the "Play" button appears.. This happens everytime I open it. I have tried shutting of my anti-virus, reinstalling, running as administrator but nothing has worked for me so far. Anyone knows how to fix this? Help is gladly appreciated -ColdStorag3 Nevermind, someone fixed it for me, apparently I needed to download a new file for the updater.
  3. Hello guys, Here's another bug/gamemistake from me that i don't know how to fix :/ Everytime when i want to start the launcher and after i pressed the "Play" button, there Comes a Little window with the text "TNF: ErrorIntalizingDirectXFallback". I tried to update DirectX and my GPU but both weren't successfull, so i hope you community can help me. Thank you!
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